MLSP’s Live the Dream Event Was Sick With CONTENT and OPPORTUNITY!

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What a weekend! Most people go to Vegas to gamble and enjoy the nightlife, but all the gambling in the world was not worth the experience at being at My Lead System Pro’s first international event, Live the Dream. We had participants from Australia, United States, the United Kingdom, and South America. If you did not make it for whatever reason, I can only say “You missed a great event!”

I’m going to try to recap this weekend the best that I can, but I know that there was so much that I just stopped taking notes at some points and just absorbed what was being said, so here goes two days of condensed CONTENT!

If you are truly serious about building your Network Marketing business, you must attend live events that your company have or events that specifically cater to your business. The content that was given away free was worth the price of the ticket to “Live the Dream!” Every speaker had at least one piece of content that is enough to take your business from a 4 or 5-figure a month business to a 6 or 7-figure a month business. It was so much it was damn near impossible to write everything down, but enjoy what I was able to take away and hopefully MLSP will have a video for sale very soon.

Mindset + Skillset Coupled with Action = The Results or “The Big Pay Check!”

Todd Falcone started off the event by speaking about how to bring “Talented People into Your Network Marketing Business” and how recruiting up the socio-economic ladder is a must because successful people already have the business mindset, they already know how to make money, and they require less mentoring and coaching to get started.

Nicole Cooper made a statement that every Network Marketer needs to here before they make the decision to join this industry when she said

“Network Marketing will challenge every insecurity that you have!”

This industry requires that you step outside of your comfort zone if you truly want to live the life of freedom that the Network Marketing industry can provide anyone that is willing to learn the required skills that are necessary to build a successful business. In order to live the life that you want to live, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. If you fear public speaking, you will have to overcome that fear and be able to speak in front of an audience; if you fear making videos pertaining to your business, you have to overcome that fear and get in front of the video camera. No one is born with all the answers to life, and no one is born a professional network marketer, but we all can learn the skills that are necessary to make a living in the Network Marketing Industry. According to Todd Falcone, on a scale of 1 to 10, where lying on the couch watching television is a zero and conducting brain surgery is a 10, Network Marketing is rates a two and a half. We make things harder than they are by not learning the necessary skills.

L – Learn I – Implement S – Share T – Train

Network Marketing is 20% Vision/Belief, 20% Education/Knowledge, 20% having the money to stay in the game, 20% Networking, and 20% Marketing

MJ Durkin gave us tips on the process of writing and publishing a book, and told us that the process is  not as difficult as most people think. According to MJ all you need is about 35,000 words and you have a book. Just think of all the things that we write for our business and you will see that you have the makings of a book, you just have to learn how to organize the material, and the book doesn’t even have to be good. Writing a book will give you instant credibility and be perceived as an expert because according to MJ less than 0.8 percent of Americans have written a book, and if you do, you will be in a rare group of people.

Mike Dillard as he has in the past stated that if he was starting over in this industry he would hone his copywriting skills because copywriting is at the base of all that we do in the network marketing and direct sales industry. Copy writing plays a part in your sales letters, your lead capture pages, your auto-responder email series, your Newsletter, your advertisements, and every written word that deals with your business. Brian Finale, one of the Co-Founders of My Lead System Pro hammered the point home when he spoke about the importance of copywriting and how much it has enabled him and his partners to grow MLSP into the company that it is today.

Brian listed the following individuals as his copywriting mentors:

John Carlton      Yanik Silver        Ryan Deiss          Eben Pagan        Dan Kennedy     Mike Dillard

Increasing your copywriting skills will allow you to take your business to the next level because it plays such an important part in every aspect of your business where the written word is concerned.

Jerry Clark was awesome, and his ability to breakdown his Success Triangle and how most people are losing money because they want to skill the “Internal Communication” and the “External Communication”  and just right into the “Technical Knowledge” or the “How To’s”  of the business and wonder why they fail. Internal Communication is a must and deals with your development in gaining the knowledge and skills to operate your business.  External Communications deals with your ability to communicate with others, and Technical Knowledge is the specific technical aspect of your business like “How to setup a blog,” “How to setup an auto-responder,” and all the “How to’s” that deal with your network marketing business.

Tracey Walker made a great analogy when she compared the basics of Network Marketing to the basics of basketball. She compared the basic basketball principle of dribbling and the sole purpose of dribbling is to advance the ball down the court to the basic network marketing principle of marketing, where marketing is the principle we use to advance our business. We market to drive prospects to our website, our squeeze or landing page or our blog; whether it’s through article marketing, video marketing, PPC marketing, social media marketing, or whatever marketing strategy we’re using.  Tracey also gave out a key piece of information that can assist anyone in growing their business. She said “Act as If …”

Act as if you were already successful and the things that you need to do to become successful will come easier. If you “Act as If” anything is possible.

All of the speakers at Live the Dream talked about the struggles they had in their business when they first got started with the exception of Cedrick Harris. Cedric was very fortunate to come into the industry already a successful person in life from his time in the corporate world. The difference between Cedrick and most network marketers is that he studied, went to seminars, and paid for coaching before he got started in this industry and then he put the techniques he learned to use to build his network marketing business.

Daegan Smith, the “King of No Calling” also spoke of the importance of copywriting, but his main topic was “Paid Media Advertising” and the different aspects of using paid media to build your network marketing business. His most important point was that if you’re not tracking your advertisements, you’re throwing money away because you don’t have the ability to know what traffic source is working.

David Wood summed up what many of us tend to do in this industry in that we compare our success to others and wonder why they are successful and we may not have the level of success that we think we should have when we don’t know what the other person is doing to generate his or her level of success. You or I may be working our business on a part-time and the person we are comparing ourselves to may be working their business on a full-time, so we’re going to have different results.

The opportunity to connect with leaders, meet new people, and just network with like minded people presents so much opportunity that can only be experienced at a live event like Live the Dream that just talking about it on this blog does not do it justice. If Norbert, Todd, and Brian had never attended the event where they met years ago, there probably would not be a My Lead System Pro.

There was so much more that went on behind the scenes, on the stage, in the breakout rooms, at the VIP functions that it would take up a lot more space and all I can say is YOU HAD TO BE THERE!!!

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