Are You Earning A 25 Annual Percentage Rate

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Unless you are a Hedge Fund Manager or you have your money in a high-risk investment, chances are, you are not earning a 25 annual percentage rate. Keep reading and hopefully you will learn how you can eventually answer “YES!” to the question Are you earning a 25 annual percentage rate?

Before we get started, I want you to know that I am not giving you financial advice. I am not a licensed Security Professional. I am an ordinary person who has learned from professionals and have incorporated what I have learned into my personal financial portfolio.

The above video was not the first time I heard something similar about the banking system. Several years ago, at a G20 meeting it was suggested that people with a certain amount of money in the bank would no longer be considered customers, but investors. If the bank lost money, those individuals would also lose money. At the time the idea was not adopted, but if we believe the video, it is already built into our financial system. As an unsecured creditor, the money in your bank account belongs to the bank.

What does that have to do with you earning a 25 annual percentage rate?

Banks are not going to pay you a 25 annual percent rate, to get such a high return on your money, you have to look outside of your bank or traditional investment options.

Karatcoin Bank

Karatcoin Bank was opened in Miami Florida on July 4, 2019. It is the first fully licenses cryptocurrency bank. Being a cryptocurrency bank, one of their products is cryptocurrencies.

The Karatcoin Bank Coin – KCB

The KCB is backed by 24 carat pure gold!

The Karatcoin Bank Coin is currently in Pre-ICO and is only available to Karatbars International Affiliates and Customers.

You can open up a free Gold Savings Account with Karatcoin Bank and start exchanging your money for the gold backed Karatcoin Bank Coins (KCB).

When you have 3,000,000 KCBs, you can qualify to earn a 25 annual percentage rate.

How is that possible?

The company has allotted 100 Full Nodes for its affiliates and customers. To qualify for one of the Full Nodes, you will have to leave 3,000,000 KCB in an account as Proof of Stake. In return, the company will pay you 25 percent KCB spread out over the year in weekly installments.

3,000,000 x 25 = 750,000

750,000 divided by 52 = 14,423.07692307692

14,423.07692307692 x 0.40 = 5,769.230769230769

The 0.40 above is the value of each KCB.

The 5,769.230769230769 or approximately $6559.81 is the estimated amount in Euros that you will be paid each week.

How is the company able to pay so much on a weekly basis?

In most other cryptocurrencies you mine the currency to create more of that cryptocurrency. The individuals or companies mining the cryptocurrencies are called Miners. Miners are paid a fee on every transaction that they confirm. Individuals invest in those cryptocurrencies by buying them when the price is low and selling them when the prices goes up.

The KCB is part of a Financial Ecosystem, and every time there is a transaction the company gets paid. The company is allowing its affiliates and customers to share in those transaction fees.

Within the ecosystem there are Karatbars Master and Full Nodes. You can also qualify for a Master Node by depositing 1,000,000 KCB in an account as Proof of Stake, and you will earn a 15 annual percentage rate.


You have until April 30, 2019, to accumulate 3,000,000 KCB.

You can exchange your money for KCB to accumulate 3,000,000 coins or you can get a Profit Package that your budget can afford, and then share this opportunity with others.

When they exchange their money for one of our Profit Packages, you will receive a bonus in KCB for each person you refer who exchanges their money for one of our Profit Packages.

The Profit Packages are optional and are designed to help you accumulate KCB faster and get paid for sharing this opportunity with others.

Karatbars is the easiest business in the world for anyone to use to protect their wealth from the ravages of inflation by saving a portion of their money in gold. Now you can drastically increase your wealth by exchanging a portion of your money in gold backed cryptocurrency.

Hopefully I have provided you with enough information and you have a better idea of how you can earn a 25 annual percentage rate. Click on the banner below and sign up as an Affiliate.

Follow the five steps listed to set up your account. Once you complete those five steps, you are on your way to eventually being able to answer “YES” to the question “Are you earning a 25 annual percentage rate?”

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