Are You Living Up To Your Full Potential?

by Steven Dobson · 1 comment

As human beings we are all born with talent. However, many of us (approximately 97 percent) tend to shy away from our talent and wonder why we struggle at life. Some of us recognize our talents at an early age, and some us can never quite determine what our talents are. Do you recognize your talents and are you using them to live up to your full potential?

We would rather have safety and security than live a life that we can create for ourselves using the talent that we are born with. The safety and security is the very same things that causes us to live in fear and rarely step out on faith and live life as it was meant to be.

Professional athletes, actors, actresses, singers, and others have all honed the talents that they were born with and are using their talents to create the lifestyle that they desire. When they fall from grace and lose all the money they made from using their talents, we tend to say “What a waste of talent!”

It’s easy for us to recognize talent in others, but we fail to recognize our own talents being wasted by seeking out what’s safe and secure like a job. A job will only pay you what a job is worth. If your boss is only willing to pay you $10 an hour, that’s all that the job is worth. We may get a yearly pay raise but inflation tends to rise at or above what we got in a pay raise.

It’s Not Your Fault!

Human beings are creatures of habit and we tend to take on the habits of our parents. They are our first teachers and the ones that we learn the most from and develop our foundation for life. They teach us what their parents and grand-parents taught them. Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of the information is outdated. Whatever our parent’s ideas were for raising a family, investing, education, making money, and life in general, chances are we use those same ideas ourselves and don’t realize that they may be what are holding us back from living up to our full potential.

Take the generation old idea of going to school to get a good education, so that we can get a good job. There is nothing wrong with getting a good education, but all an education prepares us for is to be an employee. In most cases it stifles our creativity because our schools want everyone to do things the same way.

In the 21st century, there is no such thing as a good job. Gone are the days when you could work 40 hours a week for 40 years for $40,000 to retire with 40 percent of your income and a $40 watch for the same company all your adult life.

Today people are being down-sized and given severance pay before they can retire to save companies money in the long run. Today people are being replaced by automation, outsourcing, or they are outright terminated because the company moved their operations overseas where labor costs are cheaper.

There has to be a Better Way!

The transition from employee to business owner is what most people have done in the past and at a higher rate in the last few years given the financial crises we’re going through. Unfortunately, many have failed or given up before they achieved any type of success. Too often it’s because they did not develop the proper skills and learn the information necessary to become a successful business owner.

Becoming successful at anything is not easy. It takes dedication, determination, persistence, a burning desire, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve the type of success that you deserve. Too often we are to afraid to step out of our comfort zone to do what’s required and we return to the perceived safety and security that we believe a job offers us.

To become the person that we desire to be takes us changing what we are currently doing to get the results that we desire. Change is not comfortable, but it is something that we must go through to achieve the level of success that we desire. We have to stop allowing fear to control how we live our lives and start living the lives we were destined to live. Are you living up to your full potential?

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