Article Marketing Exposed and Explained!

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So, you think Article Marketing is not for you because you’ve heard some negative things about it or don’t think that you have anything to offer. Believe it or not, everyone has something to offer because we all have our own unique life experiences and we are all capable of putting those experiences into an article.

Article marketing is quite possibly the cheapest way to advertise because there is virtually no out of pocket cost compared to the other forms of marketing. It allows the reader to get to know and trust you through the valuable content that you provide. Always remember to write to entertain or inform your reader and leave them wanting to know more about the topic of your article so that they can connect with through your website information in the article resource box.

Duplicate Content Theory: If the duplicate content theory is stopping you from getting into article marketing, let’s put that theory to rest once and for all. Duplicate content for the most part refers to the same content that you submit to multiple websites without making any changes. If you’re trying to get the same content ranked on the search engines, this is when you will be penalized for the duplicate content. Submitting the exact same content to multiple article directories fall within the duplicate content theory.

Article Marketing takes too long to generate results: Your article marketing strategy is not designed to generate instant traffic to your website, but is designed to build traffic long-term. The articles you write today will bring you website traffic weeks, months, or even years from now. Think of each article as a fishing line and the more lines that you have in the water the more fish you will catch. These lines are provided by the back links to your website in the resource box, and the more of them that you have from authority website, the higher your own will rank in the search engines.

I don’t know how or where to get started – getting started with article marketing is as easy as doing keyword research on the topic of your article. Once you have three to five keywords that you want to get ranked for and use in your article you’re almost ready to start writing. Now it’s time to see what your competition has to say about the topic of your article. Never copy what anyone else has to say because you have to submit your original content, and not someone else’s information. Maybe there is something missing about your topic that you can write about or you can put your own unique spin on the topic.

Article marketing is unlike any other form of marketing because of your ability to put in print the information your reader is looking for without any type of sales pitch. It is the art of selling without selling because your goal is to get your reader to click on the link to your website, your lead capture page, or your sales page where your provide additional information, get a new subscriber, or make the sale. Hopefully after reading this post, you have a better understanding of article marketing and will put it to use in your business if you have not already.

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