Change, Why Do We Fear It?

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Since the day we were conceived, we have been changing and evolving into the person that we are. We can’t stop it or prevent it because it’s inevitable. So why is it that we as human beings fear something that we are destined to do?

Change – Why Do We Fear It?

It all starts in the home we grew up in with our parents. They tried to instill in us the values that their parents taught them and the blue print for life that will make us successful in their eyes and the eyes of the world.

I can only speak for my upbringing in the United States and I believe it is something that a lot of people can identify with if they are from an industrialize nation. Most of what we are taught by our parents, grand-parents, and others is based upon Depression Era thinking. Times were tough and people were starving because there was not enough of what people call “Good Jobs” being created. However, there was plenty of opportunity for those that thought outside of the box because there were millionaires created during the Great Depression, but we tend to only remember and focus on how hard it was for everyone.

We all have heard the expression “Go to school, so you can get a good education, so that you can get a good job.” Prior to the industrialization of this country there was not a great need for anyone to get a job because most people owned their own business or they farmed their land to make a living. Don’t get me wrong because jobs have existed since man first realized that if he had more people helping him with his endeavor he could make more money. It was also the reason that farmers had large families because the more family members helping the less it would cost the farmer to bring his crops to market.

Having something to do for a livelihood is always going to be a part of you if you want to survive, have shelter, and prosper in this world. Why not do something that you love?

Change – Why Do We Fear It?

The fear of change that I am talking about is the type that prevents us from being or becoming the best that we possible can in all areas of our lives. We fear change because we fear disappointing others. We fear change because we fear what others may think or say about us. We fear change because we worry about what those that are close to us like our parents, spouses, and other family members will say. We fear change because we have heard the horror stories told by others about people that have tried to do something out of the ordinary and failed, but we never ask ourselves “Why did so-and-so fail?”

All education is not equal!

If you’re over the age of 40 you probably remember when young boys had wood shop and auto-shop and young girls had home economics in high school. Why did we take the ability to teach our young men and women something that they could use after they graduated from high school and put it in a trade school or junior college. One word “Economics” someone had the bright idea that we could make people pay to learn those trades that were being taught in high school for free.

Today our education system seems to only care about getting students to pass the high school exit exam. This is where I agree with Robert Kiyosaki when he says “all an education is preparing us for is to be employees.” That’s a pretty harsh but true statement if you think about it. All a college degree does is gives us the basic principals about a particular subject. We have enough knowledge about it so that employers will hire us once we graduate. It is after we graduate that we learn the actual experience that we need through on the job training. Why do we need a degree of higher learning if 85 percent of college graduates work in fields outside of their degreed fields?

In the 20th Century we went through a credentials race that was strictly about keeping us separated. Meaning those with degrees had more options than those without degrees. Those with degrees could earn more than those without degrees. None of this gave us the skills necessary to run our own business or manage our own finances.

All of this added to our fear of change and kept us in our places as employees!

The Network Marketing industry does not care if you have a degree. It does not care what college you graduated from. It does not care if you even graduated from high school. It levels the playing field by allowing the average person to participate in it with little to no money or little to no experience. However, you have to learn the skills necessary to manage and run your own business. You have to learn to leave the employee mindset behind and learn how to become a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. It takes you changing and learning the vehicle that Network Marketing provides and using it to fulfill your dreams.

How Do You Become A Leader?

You read books, you listen to tapes, you go to seminars, you take courses; you hire a coach or a trainer to teach you the necessary skills to develop the leader in you! You do this so you can provide value to the market place. Our incomes are in direct relation to the amount of value that we provide.

Technology has changed the way we must think about conducting business or making a living. The internet is allowing anyone with a passion about any topic and a desire to succeed to create a lifestyle of their choice, a lifestyle where they have the time, freedom, and money to do what they want, when they want, with whomever they want.

Change – Why Do We Fear It?

If change is inevitable and we are constantly changing, why do so few of us ever grab hold of it and ride it to the top? It’s fear of the unknown. When we don’t know whether or not we will be good at something, it’s enough to keep us living in our current conditions; that’s where being passionate about a topic removes the fear of the unknown. When you have a subject that you are passionate about you can talk about it all day and never have enough to say about it. Your next step is to find a medium online where you can talk about it and let others that have an interest in the same topic find you.

The only thing that is constant in life is change, and the only way to get over your fear of change is to welcome it, thrive in it, and to own it! We all have something of value within us to provide to the world, and the more value we provide to the world, the more the world will reward us for that value. So, instead of fearing change, grab hold of it and master it and use it to fulfill your dreams instead of allowing it to make you help someone else fulfill their dreams.

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