Empower Network – Don’t Let $625 Stand In The Way Of Your Success

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No, that figure did not come out of thin air, but it’s one that you will become familiar with until it changes to $1125. Six hundred and twenty five dollars is what it will cost you to become a member of Empower Network and enjoy the type of success that you deserve, so don’t let $625 stand in the way of your success.

Here’s what you get for $625:

Basic Membership: $25 – you get a Viral Blogging System that you will use as the foundation to build your Empower Network business and any business that you chose.

Inner Circle Membership: $100 – this is where the rubber meets the road and you get access to training from Industry leaders and leaders within Empower Network

Costa Rica Intensive: $500 (will be going up to $1000 soon and it’s worth $2997) – Exclusive Mastermind Intensive Inner Circle training designed for those that want to make six and seven- figure incomes their first year in business (this is not for everyone, only those that are serious about making six and seven-figure incomes and their actions matches their goals)

The best thing is that you have resell rights for every product within Empower Network and you get to keep 100% of the profits, but you have to own the product to get paid.

Starting next week the leaders inside of Empower Network will be conducting training webinars where they will teach Empower Network members what they used to build their online success and what they think is the single most important thing you can do to build your business.

This training will shave years off your learning curve and add $1000 to your wealth development goals, but will only be available to those members of the Empower Network that are serious about building their business and have the knowledge available inside the Costa Rica Intensive.

Here’s a list of some of the leaders inside Empower Network and the training that they will be conducting. The cost of this training is priceless because all of the trainers receive hundreds and even thousands of dollars to provide this training to their clients and you’re going to get it for free, but only if you’re a member of Empower Network.

Lawrence Tam –The mindset of a $50K a Month Part-time Network Marketer

Aaron & Sophia Rashkin – Copywriting – is the single thread that all successful marketers possess that sets them apart from everyone else

John –  Top 10 SEO Secrets

Toby and Layla Black – Free traffic and social media done the right way

Kris Darty – how to get traffic – traffic comes from good content

James Soriano – paid advertising.

Robe Fore – Five step process to create a six figure income

Tracy Walker – The three ways to optimize your blog post and rank on the first page of Google in 24 hours

Cynthia (Social Cowgirl) – how to promote yourself on social media

Stephanie Deneke – Blogging

Nicole Cooper – understanding and knowing where you’re going with your business.

How to develop your personal influence, mindset, and self development

Ed (From Ohio) – secret to using the phone is getting people to call you

Six seconds hook – If you want to learn how we have turned a $25 blog into over a million give me 30 seconds of your time?

Kelly Williams – Posturing

Every leader on this conference call had the same comment about the other leaders and that was that they were going to be on every webinar to learn from the other leaders. If you’re serious about building an online or offline business, then you need to invest in your education, and for the price of $625 you’re going to get $1000s of dollars in training that could put millions of dollars in your pockets.

So, don’t let $625 stand in the way of your success and be on these training webinars next week where you can learn from Industry Gurus the marketing secrets that their clients are paying hundreds and even thousands for and you will get it for free as a member of Empower Network!

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