Fear and Procrastination are the Twin Brothers of Stagnation in Your MLM Business

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When it comes to building a successful MLM business, fear will rob you of your momentum and paralyze you into inaction. Fear is an emotion and like all emotions it can be controlled and in most cases eliminated altogether.

Fear is a state of mind and you and only you have control over the thoughts that you allow to enter your mind. In the MLM Industry fear of the unknown alone has been responsible for so many people giving up and quitting their greatest possibility for success.

Instead of cowering from your fear you need to face it head on and look at fear as a challenge and something that you can defeat instead of letting it defeat you. Your personal development will also help you overcome fear because the more you learn about your niche and your MLM business, the more confidence you will develop.

Where there is fear, you will find its twin brother “Procrastination” which is another momentum killer when you’re trying to build a successful MLM business. Too often we put off until tomorrow what we should, could, and can do today.

The funny thing is, tomorrow never comes, and that’s why it’s very important to have a plan to help you manage your time and your activities. When it comes to building your MLM business try setting a daily goal of three to five money making activities that you will accomplish before you got to bed at night.

Money making activities includes things like writing at least one article and posting it to an article directory, providing content to a post in three to five forums in your niche, calling a prospect, posting to your blog, adding friends to your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or posting a video to YouTube.

When you make money making activities a part of your daily routine you can defeat fear and procrastination.

Fear and procrastination coveted for too long will turn into stagnation.  Don’t allow the twins to control your destiny.

In the MLM industry it is easy to allow fear and procrastination to rob you of your dreams because most of us rely on our jobs to be our saving grace. A job will never pay you the money that you’re worth, and will never give you the freedom that you deserve.

A wise man once said that “There is no such thing as job security,” and I have to agree with what he said. If you don’t agree, try taking time off from your job and not letting anyone know.

After three days chances are you will be fired. On the other hand, your successful MLM business will provide you with a residual income and will allow you to spend time with your family for extended periods and still get paid.  To overcome your fear remember this, your mind is like a fertile field and whatever you plant in it will grow into whatever you planted; so think positive thoughts and feed your mind information that will help you overcome whatever it is that you fear and go out and build a successful MLM business.

Another way of defeating fear and procrastination is to learn the success secrets and strategies that will help you build a successful internet and network marketing business.

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