Five Velocity International Success Tips That Will Increase Your Success

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Velocity International is a lucrative opportunity and can be a very lucrative opportunity if you know how to take advantage of modern day recruiting methods. First let me start by saying that I am a Founder with Velocity International, and some may view my tips as biased because I stand to get paid because of my association with Velocity, to that I say that this is network marketing and we’re in business to get paid for what we do. With that said, let’s get started! The internet and technology has drastically changed the way the network marketing business is being conducted and if you don’t make use of these changes, you can run into problems when building your business. I’m going to share with you three tips that will drastically increase your success in building your Velocity International business.

Velocity International Success Tip #1: You have already or have been thinking about the decision to join Velocity International. If you’re still undecided about your decision to join Velocity International, hopefully by time you read these tips you will be able to make an educated decision.  You first step toward success is making a decision, and if you have already made that decision, congratulations you have taken your first step toward becoming a leader.  Your next step is to make a commitment to do everything that is necessary to build your Velocity International business for at least two years. Unfortunately most people only last about three months in this industry and that’s sad because there is about a 3-6 months learning curve that you have to overcome. Part of that commitment is to treat your business like a business and not a hobby. You can learn more about this in my 7 Steps to network Marketing Success.

Velocity International Success Tip #2: You must maintain your focus. There are going to be many opportunities that you’re going to be bombarded with that are going to sound like a better opportunity, but you have to stay focused on building your Velocity International business. Regardless of whether it’s a Turbo Bonus, a Matching Bonus, Leadership Bonus or any of the other activities that you are compensated for, the activities that you get paid for in Velocity International are sharing the product with others (product sales), sponsoring new representatives into your business (business building), and the activities of the representatives in your sales organization (organization production). Any activity that doesn’t help you make money in your business is a waste of your time and money.

Velocity International Success Tip #3: Regardless of what anyone tells you, people don’t buy or go into business with anyone they don’t trust or doesn’t have a proven track record. Your product, service, company, and compensation plan doesn’t matter to your prospects because your prospects don’t care about any of those things unless you can show them how your product, service, company or compensation plan can solve a problem or question that is affecting their lives. People are attracted to leaders so you need to focus on your business building activities as well as increasing your leadership skills. It is your knowledge of your product; service, company, and compensation plan that helps you explain to your prospect how what you are offering can solve a problem or answer a question that is affecting their lives.

Velocity International Success Tip #4: Earlier when I spoke about focus I mentioned the activities that you are compensated for in your Velocity International business. One of your main activities should be exposing your business to as many people as you can and recruiting as many of those people into your business as you can. You should set a goal of recruiting at least one new person into your business a week, and when you’re consistently meeting that goal increase it to two, and eventually to at least one a day. When you’re positioned as a leader all of this is possible and you will attract quality prospects instead of tire kickers.

Velocity International Success Tip #5: You need a system that will teach your team members how to market, generate leads, conduct follow ups with prospects, and enroll new representatives into their Velocity International Business that is based upon the use of technology and helps brands them as a leader. You will not believe how a simple duplicable system will make a huge difference in building you business and ensuring your success.

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