Five Ways to Build Your Brand and Build Your List!

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Everyone wants to be successful in this industry and you do that by building a name for yourself (Your Brand) and by building a responsive list.

Building Your Brand and Your List with a Blog:

The first place I recommend to start is with a Blog. You can start out with one of the free blog services like Blogger, but if you want to be taken seriously in this industry I highly recommend you setting up a WordPress blog and either purchase a unique theme, have someone design one for you, or you can use one of the free themes like I did.  With WordPress you can set it up for your blog to ping the “Ping Services” who in turn will notify the search engines each time you post new content.  Once your blog begins to rank high in the search engines for certain key words you will start to get free traffic from the search engines. Make sure that you have the “Tweet/Retweet” plug in after each blog post and ask visitors to tweet them to their followers, and always ask for comments or entice your visitors with a question at the end of your blog posts to elicit a response.

Promoting your Blog with Your RSS FEED:

Another way to get free traffic is to set up your RSS Feed on your blog and then submit your blog to the RSS Directories. You can do this yourself if you have a lot of time and enjoy repetitive work, or you can buy RSS Submission software, or you can outsource it to a submission service that will do it for you manually. I recommend a submission service so you can spend your valuable time building your brand and your list.

Getting Free Traffic through Article Writing:

Article writing is simply one of the easiest ways to get free traffic to your blog or website. If you’re a great writer you can crank out at least one article a day and post it to an article directory like Ezine Articles.  If you’re having problems writing articles or finding topics to write about just go to one of the directories and look in the section that pertains to your niche to get an idea. You can also outsource this as well, just find someone to write some articles on topics that pertain to your particular niche and post them in the directories. Be very careful because most of the directories want original content so make sure they are original and are only being used by you exclusively. You can link these articles to a blog post on your blog to give them additional information or you can link them to a squeeze page; I prefer linking them to your blog and having an opt in form at the end of your post to have them opt in to get additional information.

Using Social Media Sites to Generate Leads:

Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook can all be great sources of free leads if you know how to use them.  Here you want to post enough information to peak your follower’s curiosity and link your post to an article on your blog that talks about the same topic and give them enough information in your blog article to satisfy some of their curiosity and then peak it again at the end of the article and tell them to get more information they can place their first name and best email address in the opt in form you have at the end of your blog post.

Post in Forums in Your Niche:

You always want to provide value in anything that you do. When you join forums in your niche provide good content on a regular basis. All forums allow you to have a signature file and you should take advantage of this because it allows you to provide a link to your blog with a URL or with anchor text if it’s allowed. By posting in forums you build trust and respect with people in the industry and you provide back links to your blog to help increase your search engine ranking.

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