How Hyperinflation Will Affect Your Network Marketing Business

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Hyperinflation is the devaluation of a currency caused by excessive deficit spending financed by the printing of more money by a government, and is where the United States is headed if they don’t get their spending under control. Continue reading to find out how hyperinflation will affect your network marketing business.

With the devaluation of the U.S. currency all businesses will be affected and that includes your Network Marketing Business because consumers will not be able to afford the prices of goods and services. So whether you’re selling vitamins, lotions, potions, pills, or any other products or services, you network marketing business will be affected if the United States goes into hyperinflation.

Whether you believe hyperinflation will happen in the United States or not, I recommend that you do your own research into this topic so that you can make an educated decision about what you may or may not have to do if hyperinflation happens in the United States. If history tells us anything, it tells us that all great economies that start out with a currency backed by Gold prosper until they come off the Gold Standard. In 1971 President Nixon took the United States off the Gold Standard, and our national debt has been on the rise.

Taking the United States off the Gold Standard allowed the Federal Government to print money without any restrictions because there was no requirement to have an ounce of Gold in the Federal Reserve for every dollar printed. It took us 200 years to have $850 billion in paper currency and in the last three years we have quadrupled that amount to approximately $3.2 trillion in paper currency. The more money in circulation the less value the money in circulation has and that is evident by the decline in the dollar against other currencies. The rise in the price of gold and silver in the last three years is another good indication of a weakening dollar.

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With the recent possibility of a shutdown of the United States government and the President talking about getting government spending under control, you owe it to your family and yourself to learn about the possibility of hyperinflation occurring in the United States and how hyperinflation will affect your network marketing business.

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