How Much Free Content is Good? And How Much Do You Give Away Before You Get Paid?

by Steven Dobson · 0 comments

Everyone has a Free Video, Free Webinar, Free Boot Camp, Free Seminar, or a Free 7 Day Course that they are giving away. Even I do, but seriously, how much free content do you really have to give away to turn prospects into paying customers? I know that this is probably going to upset some people, but it’s meant to start a dialogue in this community that needs to be had. How can someone that is just getting started in this industry compete with established network marketers and Gurus that have plenty of free content to give away?

Are we widening the learning curve and making things worse for someone just getting started and making the possibility of being successful in this industry much more daunting than it already is? Network Marketing is supposed to level the playing field a little and make this industry attractive to the little guy or girl that has come online to find their niche and make a living for themselves. Are we losing more people than we’re attracting because they may be intimidated by the sheer volume of information that’s coming at them and even more intimidated by what they think they have to do to make it to the top? I know that those that are determined will find a way to make it, but what about those that are sitting on the fence and are not sure of themselves and what direction to go in. Are we attracting more tire kickers by giving away free content or are we attracting legitimate prospects that are looking for the answer to their reason for coming online or are we attracting the individual that’s looking for that one or maybe two pieces of information that’s going to give them the answers that they are looking for in their Network Marketing Business?

Where do we draw the line between giving away free content and selling that content as an information product? How many secret strategies are there? How many ways can we do social media that’s different than what another Guru or marketing expert is teaching in their course or giving away free?

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