How to Define Your Target Market

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How to Define Your Target Market

Defining your target market is the one thing that will help you focus your marketing efforts and allow you to see the results that you desire. Then why is it so hard for some network marketers to define their target market. It comes from the mindset that everyone is your prospect. With that mindset you will probably never know how to define your target market.

When you have the mindset that everyone is your prospect, you don’t focus your marketing efforts to a specific group, you generalize your marketing to appeal to everyone. The problem with trying to appeal to everyone is you don’t attract enough prospects to build a profitable business.

Depending upon the product or service that your network marketing company is selling you will have a group of people who are looking for what you are offering. Those people are potential customers. If your marketing is not focused on recruiting those people as customers, you’re not going to sign up any new customers.

If you are trying to sign up people into your network marketing business; you’re going to find it hard to sign up people that are not looking to join a network marketing business. If you’re trying to recruit other Network Marketers, you’re going to fail miserably because other network marketers think that they are already with the best company and they have the perfect products and services.

When you have defined your perfect prospect, you know the problems that they have, you know the questions that they need answering, you know what their dreams and wishes are, and your marketing becomes more focused. When you can write content that helps your perfect prospect solve their problems; answer the questions they have, and help them fulfill their dreams, you will have a defined target market with marketing that will convert them into customers and business associates.

Defining Your Target Market

When you’re defining your target market you should know the answers to the following questions:

  • How much money does my target market make?
  • Where does my target market live?
  • Is my target market looking to buy the products and services that I’m selling?
  • How old is my target market?
  • What is my target market worried about?

When you know the answers to the above questions plus many others that help you define your target market, you can begin to create content that will attract your target market.

Examples of Target Markets

  • Baby Boomers looking to replace retirement income from the 2008 US Housing Market Crash
  • Stay at home moms wanting to replace lost income or contribute to the family finances
  • Retiree’s looking to supplement their retirement income
  • School teachers wanting to supplement their income during summer vacation
  • Parents wanting to make some extra money to help pay for their kids college education

Defining your target market allows you to cut advertising cost and only market to those that are looking to buy what you’re selling.  Online (Internet Marketing) everything begins with a search and that is where your target market goes to find products and services that they are looking to buy.

You have to put yourself in your target market shoes and imagine what they will type into the search engine when they are looking for information or to buy a product or service. This should be a daily routine that can turn into ideas for content that you need to create. The best place to start is with Google Keyword Search.

If you represent a company that sells weight loss supplements and your target market is people that want to lose 50 pounds. Think about what someone from your target market would search for and then go to the Google Keyword Search Tool and type it in.


There are three you have to do once you’re at the Google Keyword Search Tool:

  1. Enter your keyword or keyword phrase
  2. Enter the captha words
  3. Click “Search”


The results from your search will reveal a lot of valuable information you can use in creating your content. It will reveal the competition for the keyword or keyword phrase, it will reveal the Global Monthly Searches for the keyword (how many times a month that particular keyword is searched), and it will also reveal the Local Monthly Searches for the keyword search. Most of all the keywords on the left side of the page are good examples of keywords you can use to create your content.

Hopefully now that you have read this blog post you will have a better understanding of why Internet and Network Marketers have a hard time defining their Target Market, and what you can so that you know how to define your target market.

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