How To Sponsor More Reps Into Your Network Marketing Opportunity Than You Have Time

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Network Marketing is probably one of the easiest business opportunities that an entrepreneur can get into and become successful in with two – five years of hard work. One of the most important things in building any Network Marketing Opportunity is sponsoring new representatives into your business. Continue reading to find out how to sponsor more reps into your network marketing opportunity than you have time by following the following steps:

Step 1: Whether you’re building your business the old belly-to-belly way of network marketing or online using the power of the internet, you must either have a relationship with the people you want to sponsor into your business opportunity or build one with the people that you meet online.

Step 2: You can either make a list of people that you already know or build one from the people that you meet online.

Step 3: Invite 15 people a week from your list to look at or listen to an exposure of your business opportunity.

Step 4: Place a third party tool into the hands of those 15 people and let someone else do the presenting.

Step 5: Follow up with those 15 to people to determine their interest level.

Step 6: Invite the ones that are truly interested in what they saw or heard about your business opportunity to a live event. There is power and social proof in live events.

Step 7: Get those that are ready started in business with you.

Step 8: Plug them into a system that is duplicatable.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

If you would like additional information about the process or if you would like to join a Team that is using this process to sponsor people into the hottest opportunity to ever hit the Network Marketing Industry, click on the work with me directly link above and see if you have what it takes to reach for your dreams! Are you ready to learn how to sponsor more reps into your network marketing opportunity than you have time?

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