Are You Focusing on Income Producing Activities?

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Are You Focusing on Income Producing Activities or are you focusing on Non Income Producing Activities?

The work that you do to grow your Network Marketing Business are your Income Producing Activities. Too often we get caught up doing the Non Income Producing Activities like adding new friends to our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube profiles, reading junk email,  and spend too much of our valuable time focusing on this. These steps are important for growing our businesses, but they should not consume a lot of your time. The best way to overcome spending too much time on Non Income Producing Activities is to have a schedule and manage your time.

The Income Producing Activities that we should be focusing on are learning, marketing, prospecting, and closing.

Whether we are new to the Network Marketing Industry or we have been around for years, we should be constantly learning new strategies and techniques to incorporate into our business. Learning encompasses activities such as attending seminars, webinars, reading books, listening to audios, hiring a coach or a trainer. Anything that you do to increase your knowledge of your business and what it takes to be successful in the Network Marketing Industry falls under the heading of learning.

Marketing is the activities that you do to generate leads. It is the marketing that we do on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other forms of marketing that produces income in our business and deserves our focus and our time.  It is sending out Ezine article blasts to someone else’s list when you do not have a list of your own, it’s posting in niche forums, it is your Pay-Per-Click Advertising, you article marketing, email campaigns, and all the activities that you do to generate leads to you opportunity.

Prospecting are the things that you do to drive leads to your website, blog, or squeeze page and is an Income Producing Activity the relies heavily on marketing. Prospecting is a numbers game and your goal with prospecting is get your opportunity in front of as many people that you can and convert as many of them as you can to customers or business associates. Whether you’re sending your prospects to a blog, squeeze page, or website your goal with prospecting is to capture their contact information so you can communicate with them and develop a relationship.

Closing is by far the most important part of the process of the Income Producing Activities that you will participate in. If you can’t turn your leads into customers or business associates the other Income Producing Activities that you do are done in vain.

Focus on these Income Producing Activities and you will see a difference it makes in your Network Marketing Business.

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