Is Your Network Marketing Business Going To Survive 2012?

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As all technologies evolve, so is the internet which has made a drastic change in the way Network Marketers conduct business. Online it’s called Internet Marketing, and most of the traditional Network Marketing companies have not fully embraced the idea of doing business on the world-wide-web even though they have websites. Are you keeping up with the changes, and is your Network Marketing business going to survive 2012?

It is getting harder and harder for the little guy to make it in the Network Marketing Industry. First, they don’t have the advertising revenue to compete with the more seasoned and knowledgeable veterans of the Network Marketing Industry. Second, they don’t have the sales and marketing experience to give them a fighting chance at surviving past their first 90 days in the industry. Third, they lack the industry education that all successful Network Marketers have about building and growing a successful Network Marketing business.

With the changes to Google’s Adsense (self regulation) and the recent attempts by the U.S. Government with Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (thanks to the protests both bills have been postponed) to regulate the internet, the little online entrepreneur will not be able to compete with the giants of the industry if the internet does become more restrictive due to regulatory constraints.

So, if you’re lacking the revenue, the sales and marketing experience, and the education that is needed to build a successful Internet and Network Marketing business, you’re going to fail and join the long list of others that have failed because they lacked the revenue, sales and marketing experience, and the education. Keep reading to find out how you can conquer all three of the areas mentioned and start building a successful network marketing business today.

Give yourself and your business a fighting chance by first getting the education that you need to be able to build a successful Network Marketing business. You can do this by joining one of the best online education companies in the industry. The company was built by Network Marketers for Network Marketers, and if you have been online for any amount of time you have probably heard of them.

My Lead System Pro (Affiliate Link) is by far the best decision that you can make when it comes to getting the knowledge and skills that you require to build a successful Network Marketing Business.

You can try it for 14 Days absolutely risk free and they will give you the following bonuses just for trying My Lead System Pro:
– Your Most Profitable Keyword Research Tool
– The Complete Guide to Making Money With Your Blog
– Facebook Is A Cash Cow
– Video Marketing Exposed
– Article Marketing Domination
– List Builders, Ezines, Solo Ads, Classifieds & Forums=Pure Profit
– Become An Absolute Closing Monster in 30 Days
– How to Build An Internet Empire in Under 3 Months
– Plus much, much, more …

Click here > > My Lead System Pro < < (Affiliate Link) to try MLSP for 14 Days Risk Free

My Lead System Pro will provide you with the sales and marketing knowledge that you need to build a successful business and they will also provide you with the additional education that all successful Internet and Network Marketers know and use to build their business. They also have an Affiliate Program so you can earn while you learn.

The final missing ingredient is having the revenue to compete with the giants of the industry, and really you’re not going to be able to at first, so you just want to make enough money to pay for your advertising, your education, and the tools that every successful network marketer use to automate and grow their business.

You need access to your commission checks as soon as possible, instead of waiting 30 to 45 days to get paid for work that you did last month. There are several Internet and Network Marketing businesses that claim to pay 100 Percent Commissions, but there are very few that will help you get a merchant account (most small businesses can’t get merchant accounts because they lack the credit or have bad credit), so this is huge when it comes to online marketing and getting paid. Because with a merchant account, you get paid as soon as the sale is complete and the money is deposited directly into your bank account.

Empower Network
(Affiliate Link) will pay you 100 Percent Commission on every product that you sell, but here’s the catch and one that adds a little bit of integrity to the Internet Marketing industry, you have to own the product before you can sell it. Have you ever seen a car salesman driving a different brand of car than the one that he’s trying to sell you? Kind of makes you wonder? Well, selling a product that you do not own and use is like that car salesman driving a different car than the one he’s trying to sell you.

They help all of their Affiliate get merchant accounts and if you’re unable to get a merchant account in the country that you reside in, they have alternative methods of paying you like PayPal and

Here’s what you get as an Empower Network Affiliate:
– A simple, easy to use back office
– A short, concise, easy to understand fast start training
– A merchant account
– Unlimited websites with hosting included
– A professional, easy to customize blog
– A free Search Engine Optimizer Tool
– A free down-line contact manager
– Quality products that once your purchase them, you have Resale Rights to

Having access to your commissions in near real time is a game changer for the little guy because it gives you the revenue to compete on a smaller scale with the giants of the industry. It allows you to stay in business longer, and it gives you a reason to stay in business.

The fact that MLSP and Empower Network are international opportunities is another reason that they both make perfect sense for the new online entrepreneur. They don’t limit your customer base, and that’s major for any business that’s doing business online. Why limit yourself to just customers in North America where there are only about 350 million people when you can market to the whole world where there are almost 7 billion people?

Now that you have the above information and have an idea about what you need to do if you’re struggling at building your Network Marketing Business, you have a decision to make. Do you continue to do what you’re doing or do you take control of your destiny?

Do you get the education that you require to build a successful network marketing business? Do you get the sales and marketing training that all successful internet and network marketers have and use to generate six and seven-figure incomes? Do you want access to the near real time commissions that you need to compete with the giants of the industry, or will you continue to wonder “Is Your Network Marketing Business Going To Survive 2012?”

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