Have You Completed Your Karatbars Due Diligence?

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Most people who are introduced to Karatbars will go to Google and read a few headlines about Karatbars and make a decision based upon what they have read. Others will make a decision without doing any due diligence of their own. Have you completed your Karatbars due diligence?

Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz has over delivered on every promise he has made to his Affiliates and customers since 2011.

On July 4, 2019, while on stage at Planet Hollywood he told those in attendance that he wants to create 20,000 millionaires in the next two years.

You will not know how he intends to create 20,000 millionaires if you don’t due your own due diligence on Karatbars, and that involves registering for a Free Gold Savings Account, and learning about Karatbars from the inside and not relying on what someone else has to say.

The following comments show the type of ignorance you’re going to encounter when you do your due diligence for Karatbars:

Carter​ Karatbars is a scam

Carter, with no proof says that Karatbars is a scam.

Here is the definition of a SCAM: a dishonest scheme; a fraud.

“an insurance scam”

synonyms: fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, racket, trick, diddle; informalcon, con trick,

Karatbars allows you to exchange your PAPER CURRENCY for 1, 2.5,and 5 gram small bar 999.9 24 carat gold bars along with gold backed cryptocurrencies KBC and KCB.

When you compare Karatbars gold to gold you can exchange your PAPER CURRENCY for at other Precious Metal Exchange Services, make sure you are exchanging your PAPER CURRENCY for 999.9 gold.

Carter​ You’re not smart enough to get it, Ricardo. It’s a scam, just like Bitconnect, just like USI-Tech.

Carter is comparing an eCommerce company (Karatbars) to a crypto currency company that said it was connected with a high yield investment program (a type of Ponzi scheme), and a cryptocurrency and forex platform trading provider (USI-Tech), suspected to be a high-yield investment program and a Ponzi scheme.

Carter​ They don’t tell you that you’re paying 50%+ above the spot price for the same gold you can get from your local gold dealer.

Spot Price for Gold: $45.63

Karatbars CashGold: 48.50 Euros ($54.06**) 999.9 24 carat gold

JM Bullion: $56.68 (price goes up if you pay with Bitcoin or PayPal)

eBay: $56.49

Karatbars does have a 1 gram Classic Karatbar that is tied to a compensation plan and loyalty program where you choose to participate in an auto-ship program where you exchange your PAPER CURRENCY for at least 1 gram of gold per week, bi-weekly or monthly. As a Karatbars Affiliate you can refer others who participate in this program and you can earn CURRENCY (Euros) or free gold.

Classic Karatbar: 64.88 Euro (**$72.32)

** price fluctuates because the price of the Euro fluctuates!Carter​ Karatbars is preying on the blacks

Carter is really showing his ignorance here because Karatbars is available in over 140 countries worldwide, and there are people from all races exchanging their PAPER CURRENCY for Karatbars gold.

Carter ​Why is Karatbars charging USD$73 per gram? Spot price is USD$43 a gram.

Carter​@Melanie Tye Why don’t you buy the same gold for cheaper from your local bullion dealer? It’s much cheaper than KaratBars.

Carter like most uninformed people will say the same thing over and over because they have never done their due diligence on Karatbars. You must compare Karatbars Cashgold to gold bullion sold by companies like JM Bullion or eBay as I did above, and Cashgold was cheaper than both.

The only way to do you due diligence on Karatbars is to register for a Free Gold Savings Account and click on every link in your Karatbars International Back Office to see the information produced by Karatbars and not what someone else has written about Karatbars.

Carter​ The Fed doesn’t buy gold.

This is the first statement that Carter wrote that is true. The Fed does not buy gold because the Fed is not a bank, it’s a private corporation. The Fed is responsible for the money supply of the United States. The Fed makes CURRENCY by lending CURRENCY that it creates out of thin air to the United States. The CURRENCY you have in your pockets and you get from the BANKS are FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES. They represent the CURRENCY that is in use in the United States and around the world because every country MUST have U.S. DOLLARS as part of their reserve CURRENCY to do business with the United States and to purchase OIL.

These FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES also represent the promise by the U.S. Government to repay the FEDERAL RESERVE the CURRENCY it says it borrows on the behalf of U.S. citizens.

Carter ​KaratBars is a pyramid scheme

Carter does not know what a pyramid scheme is because he would know that they are illegal. Karatbars is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and the German government has a very stringent set of criteria that a company must meet to do business in Germany.

Karatbars has FEDEX and MASTERCARD as business partners, and neither company would do business with a company that they have vetted that is a scam. FEDEX has an office in the Karatbars headquarters, and MASTERCARD is how Karatbars pays its Affiliates.

Comments made by individuals like Carter who have never done their own due diligence on Karatbars can be found all over the internet. Some post articles on their bogs or websites with titles like:

  1. “Don’t Join Karatbars Until You Read This”
  2. KaratBars Fraud revealed | KaratBars Stay away from fraud”‎
  3. “Karatbars, legit company or just a scam? (full review) – MLM Companies”

Most of these articles are titled to get you to read the article so that the writer can recommend a business opportunity that they are in to get prospects to look at their business. It’s a shady way of doing business done by individuals who probably could not get you to read an article about the business that they represent.


Click the banner below to find out what over 600,000 people around the world are doing to change their lives and obtain time and financial freedom! I am a Karatbars Affiliate, and highly recommend you conduct your own Karatbars due diligence!

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