Let’s Play Hypothetical Situation!

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This was actually something I did with my oldest daughter when she was in the 9th grade and failing because she was listening to people that did not have her best interest at heart. In the state of Florida if you don’t pass the high school exit exam, you don’t graduate with your senior class (you don’t get to walk across the stage and get a diploma), you get a certificate of completion. I asked her what she was going to do with a certificate of completion; and she said she would get a job. I told her that there were people with college degrees that could not get a job, and they were competing with everyone else for what jobs there were.

I then told her she could do like most people and work for a fast food restaurant or someplace like Wal-Mart (no offense to any of these places it’s just common knowledge that you don’t need any special skills to get hired). She said she would work at Wal-Mart. I said let’s pretend that the minimum wage was no longer $5.15 an hour, but it was $6.50 per hour and for a 40 hour work week she would bring home $260 a week. You have to remember that she was 14 at the time and $260 a week was a lot to a 14 year old so she had this big smile on her face.

I said wait a minute, we’re not done. I said we’re also going to pretend that your total taxes were only 15% and that would mean that instead of bringing home $260, you are going to bring home $221 a week. She still had a smile on her face. I asked her where was she going to live and she said that she was going to live with me; I told her that I would charge her rent, and she actually thought that I was going to let her live with me rent free. I told her I would charge her $300 a month which meant that would be $75 a week, which meant her $221 a week was now $146 a week.

The smile was slowly fading! I asked her how she was going to get around town and back and fort to work. Before she could answer I told her that she could get a used car and possible keep money into it to keep it running or she could get a small economical car and have a car payment of about $300 a month. She chose the new car. Then I told her that meant the $146 a week was now $71 a week, and she still had to get car insurance and put gas in the car. I told her that we were going to pretend again that her car insurance was only going to cost her $100 a month just to keep things simple. She agreed and I took another $25 a week for insurance and another $15 a week for gas (I know, it’s not the real world, but for a 14 year old I was driving my point home).

I then said you now have $31 a week and you still have not bought anything to eat, you still haven’t bought any clothes, and you still have not gotten your nails and hair done. Since eating is more important than any of those other things you should buy you some food and since you like to eat, we’re going to pretend that it’s going to cost you $15 a week. That leaves you with $16 to do all the other things that you want to do.

Here’s where it really hit home! I told her if that’s the type of life that she wanted for herself to keep doing the things that she was doing, but if she wanted a better life, she had to start getting better grades. The next semester she missed the A/B Honor Roll because she had one “C’ and the rest of her grades were “A’s” and B’s”.

I threw in the fact that there were some grown ups living like that and it was called “Paycheck-to-Paycheck”. I knew this because I was an adult that was living “Paycheck-to-Paycheck”.

I say all the above to say that with a job you have no LEVERAGE, and without LEVERAGE you may spend the rest of your life trading your time for money by working a JOB. Having additional streams of income means that you are not tied to doing one thing to earn your living. The Network Marketing Industry offers you the opportunity to earn Multiple Streams of Income and gives you the LEVERAGE that you need to take back your life and start working to make yourself financially well off instead of doing it for someone else.

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