My Zib Zoom Keyword Auction

by Steven Dobson · 4 comments

I have been participating in My Zib Zoom Keyword Auction for the last few days and I have won my fare share of the words that I have bid on. I have also seen some words that have very little potential to make the person that owns them any money. I’m not going to mention any of those words here, but what I’m going to share is the one reason you want to own a keyword, and that’s to make money! There are some keywords that you may want to own for the sentimental value, but for the most part you want to own keywords that people are currently paying money to get people to see their ads.

If you don’t know or have not heard of My Zib Zoom it’s where the owners of allow you to bid on and own keywords that will be a part of their Pay-Per-Click Program. is a fully functioning search engine and they are taking Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industries to another level.

Keyword ownership should be taken very seriously if you really want to make any money from the keywords that you purchase. Do your research on the keywords that you want to bid on and eventually own. The best place to do that research is to go to Google and use their Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Do a search on Fortune 500 websites and see what keywords they are bidding on. It doesn’t have to be a Fortune 500 website; it can be any popular website that is currently paying for keywords or keyword phrases. Then search on those keywords and if they have advertisers that are listed on the right, chances are you have a pretty good keyword or keyword phrase because people are already paying money for that keyword or keyword phrase. Find as many keywords or keywords phrases using the above example and now you’re ready to participate in My Zib Zoom’s Keyword Auction.

Click here to open your free My Zib Zoom Keyword Auction Account. Once you have signed up for your account you will want to fund it so that you have money to bid on the keywords or keyword phrases that you have on your list.

Once you’re on the inside just do a search for your keyword or keyword phrase. If it’s available just place a bid (you only have to bid 1 higher than the current bid if it’s already in auction; if it’s not just bid 1 and click Place Bid). Pay very close attention to the amount of time that is left on the timer when you place your bid because when it reaches 0:00 (you still have 60 seconds of bidding, so keep refreshing your screen to make sure no one else has placed a bid) the person with the highest bid owns the keyword. If that’s you, “Congratulations!” you’re now a keyword owner in the My Zib Zoom Keyword Auction.

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Luella VejarNo Gravatar November 5, 2010 at 6:39 AM

I read something related to your post while browsing google news… I became intrigued and started looking around, and landed at this site… at any rate, I believe that I agree with what you discuss here. But I am going to go check what additional information I can lookup too.


Steven DobsonNo Gravatar December 13, 2010 at 12:30 PM


I hope that you find what you’re looking for. Zib Zoom is a new search engine and there may be a few articles and videos posted throughout the web.


MichaelNo Gravatar December 13, 2010 at 8:35 AM

Hi Steven,
It’s been a couple of months since you posted this. Are you still with ZibZoom? How is it going for you?
I would love to see your honest feedback on this.


Steven DobsonNo Gravatar December 13, 2010 at 12:28 PM


Yes, I’m still with Zib Zoom. I joined specifically to take advantage of the Keyword Auction which is still going on as I write this response.
Like any start up Zib Zoom has to build up a subscriber base and a minimum amount of daily and monthly users before they allow advertisers to start using their PPC Program. Soon Zib Zoom will be rolling out the Zib Zoom Portal and Bargain Wizard which allows users to search for the best prices on products that they are searching for. Why don’t you sign up for a free account and learn the ins and outs of the program for yourself? The real value is in becoming an Associate and giving away free keyword auction accounts.


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