Network Marketing Lead Generation

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It is said that leads are the life blood of your business and you have two choices for generating leads, you can buy them or you can generate them yourself. If you have an advertising budget of several hundred to several thousand dollars a month, you can go to Google Adwords and open up an account and start advertising. Before you do that you want to make sure that you have a lead capture page to capture your prospects information. You also want to get a paid auto-responder account so you can communicate with your leads, and you want to write at least seven to 12 follow-up emails for your auto-responder.

Wait, there’s more to network marketing lead generation that you need to know before you open up your Adwords account and start sending leads to your capture page. You also need a reason for your prospect to give you their contact information other than having a lead capture page. You need something of value that is worth your prospect exchanging their contact information for. It shouldn’t be just any ole e-book or PLR product, but something of real value. If you’re not yet a guru and don’t have a 5 or 7-day Boot Camp or your own product to give away, you’re going to have to develop your own products or use one of the many lead generation systems.

Using A Funded Proposal System for Network Marketing Lead Generation

A funded proposal system for network marketing lead generation is simply selling a low cost but useful product or service on the front end without trying to pitch your primary business opportunity. As you develop a relationship with your prospects and they get to know and trust you is when introduce them to your primary opportunity. Most new network marketers give up because they lead with their primary opportunity and when they don’t get anyone to join them, they make no money and within 90 days of starting their new business, they quit.

One of the best funded proposal systems available is Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. Magnetic Sponsoring is based on the Principles of Attraction Marketing. Mike used the skills that he learned about Attraction Marketing to go from waiting tables to making over 7-figures in 18 months. Mike has everything already packaged for you to use. You don’t have to design lead capture pages, you don’t have to write auto-responder follow up messages, you don’t even have to have your own auto-responder account; all you have to do is send prospects to your Magnetic Sponsoring lead capture page.

The purpose for using a funded proposal system for network marketing lead generation is to earn an income to give you funds to reinvest into yourself and your business. The one downfall of the Magnetic Sponsoring funded proposal system is that you can’t generate a residual income. Your goal is to gain the knowledge and the skills necessary to develop your own funded proposal system for network marketing lead generation. However, if you’re just getting started in this industry, you will want to learn from someone that has already done what you’re trying to accomplish and the best way to do that is to study what someone that is successful has already done.

There are many ways for you to learn the necessary knowledge and skills that you will require to run a successful network marketing business, but by far the best place to learn all the marketing strategies and skills that you will need is through My Lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP is an education and marketing platform that many network marketers use as a network marketing lead generation system. MLSP is based on the principles of Attraction Marketing that are outlined in Magnetic Sponsoring and was built by network marketers for network marketers.

MLSP has helped 1000’s of network marketers from around the world develop the skills necessary to run a successful network marketing business. They have over two years of archived training webinars and their Wednesday night training webinars are the most up to date and cutting edge training you will receive.

Just like Magnetic Sponsoring has everything you need for its funded proposal system, so does MLSP. The big difference between the two is that with MLSP you have control of the leads you generate because they go into your personal auto-responder with follow up email written for you by MLSP, and you can earn a monthly residual income when you refer others to their education platform.

Every network marketer needs to generate leads and every network marketer needs to gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to operate a successful network marketing business, and every network marketer needs to earn up front income so that they can stay in business. With MLSP you have many options available to you to generate leads for your business, you also have access to all the knowledge and skills you require to run a successful business and weekly training by top income earners and leaders in the network marketing industry.

You have a choice, you can create everything yourself and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to perfect your own network marketing lead generation system or you can pick up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring to learn the principles of Attraction Marketing and join My Lead System Pro and earn while you learn the knowledge and skills that are necessary for operating a successful network marketing business.

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