Network Marketing, Politics, The Economy, and How They Affect You!

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What does Network Marketing has to do with Politics and The Economy? Well, what our elected officials do effects every aspect of our lives and are one of the main reasons The Economy is in the state that it is and why people all around the world are worrying about their financial future. Grab your favorite beverage read about Network Marketing, Politics, the Economy, and How They Affect You!

Politics: Every decision our political leaders make that concern spending taxpayer dollars affects your bottom line.  When they pass the budget and allot taxpayer dollars to pay for things like social programs, foreign aid, education, and defense it all affects how much money you have left over after paying taxes and for necessary expenditures (rent, mortgage, electric, gas, food, water, etc, etc, etc). When taxes are high so are the prices for goods and services which means less money for you to spend on the necessary items and even less for quality of life items like a vacation, a new car, investing, your kids college education, a new house, and saving for the future.

The Economy: When people have fewer dollars to spend, the economy suffers and businesses close or lay of people to make up for the lack of revenue. When business close and people get laid off there are less people paying taxes which causes the government to raise taxes to make up for the loss of tax revenue from those that are unemployed.  When big corporation close plants in the United States to send the jobs overseas where there is cheaper labor, it sends US workers to the unemployment line, decreases the amount of tax revenue for the government and pushes prices higher in the United States. The only one to benefit from jobs going overseas is the big corporations because they get the goods and services produced for a lower price and sell them for the same or higher prices when they come back to the US. It’s a vicious cycle that will only last for so long.

You may say things are not that simple, and I agree, and I know that there are a lot more situations that are added to the mix in the political arena and many, many more things that contribute to the state of our economy and recommend you educate yourself on every aspect of what’s important to you!

Network Marketing: Is a business model that levels the playing field and allows everyone to transition from being an employee to a business owner. Because of the low cost to get started and the huge profit potential many people are turning from the job market as their only means of a way to make money to the Network Marketing Industry.  With Network Marketing many people are generating a full time income in the spare time from the comfort of their homes.  Another benefit of starting a business in the Network Marketing Industry is the tax break that you get by becoming a business owner (consult your CPA or Tax Attorney for more details).

The lack of fiscal restraint by our politicians has gotten America where she has become dependent on foreign investors and loans from other countries to be able to operate as an ever Weakening Superpower. The apparent lack of control and increased spending habits of our elected officials have destroyed the American economy and have forced the Federal Reserve to start buying unwanted US debit because foreign investors and governments are weary of a weakening dollar. As our politicians continue to make poor decisions our economy will get worst and more and more people will turn to the Network Marketing Industry to supplement or replace lost income or money lost from their Nest Egg.

The decline in the dollar and the stock markets will get worse before they get better! If you have been paying attention you would know that when the dollar is weak, precious metal are strong.

To prepare for what’s about to happen you can educate yourself by using a few simple tools:

1.       Learn about Wealth Cycles by going to

2.       Read Mike Malone’s book Guide to Investing in Silver and Gold

3.       Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of Michael’s presentation to bankers in Russia

4.       Watch the documentary Collapse with Michael Ruppert

5.       Buy gold and silver at Gold Money only after you have done 1 – 4.

Continue to educate yourself so that you will know more about Network Marketing, Politics, The Economy, and How They Affect You. If you are serious about changing your financial situation for the better and want to learn how you can use the commodities of Gold and Silver and the Network Marketing business model to increase your wealth, click here!

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