Numis Network Cancun Contest Bonuses

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Numis Network believes in rewarding its Representatives and they are doing so again with their “Dreams of Cancun” All Expense Paid trip to the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa for those Executive Representatives that qualify for the 4-Day Vacation. The Numis Network Cancun Contest Bonuses are additional bonuses that members that join Numis Network through the link below can qualify for.

To qualify for the “Dreams of Cancun” vacation and the bonuses all you have to do is join Numis Network, and refer four new Executive Representatives or accumulate 20 points. Here’s how you can receive points for the contest:

  1. 5 points: Sell a New Fast Track Collector’s Kit
  2. 5 points: Help a new rep become Silver Eagle Qualified
  3. 3 points: Sell an Accelerator Set

Click here for a short > > Numis Network Presentation < < that explains how you can make money with Numis Network

Here’s why you want to refer four New Executive Representatives and help him or her do the same. The fourth Executive Representative that you refer Qualifies you for 100% Matching Bonuses, so every time your qualifying Executive receives a bonus, you receive a matching bonus for referring him or her. To qualify to win any of the following Contest Bonuses you must refer at least four new Executive Representatives.

  1. 1.       First Place – $1000 Spending Cash
  2. 2.       Second Place – $750 Spending Cash
  3. 3.       Third – Tenth Place – ** Numis Network Executive Kit **
  • The above bonuses are only available when you join Numis Network from the link above
  • Numis Network Executive Kit is valued at $495
  • All Bonuses awarded on the cruise

Facts you should know about Numis Network before Joining:

  1. Numis Network is the only Network Marketing Company dealing in Silver and Gold Museum Quality Assets. That means there is no competition that you have to worry about or convince others why your company or product is better than the competition.
  2. Numis Network is still in its infancy stage with less than 100,000 distributors and less than five years in business. That means the potential for growth is greater and you want to be able to grow your business when the market is not saturated with hundreds of thousands or millions of other representatives.
  3. Numis Network is the only Network Marketing company that offers a “5 Year Buy Back Guarantee” on coins purchased through their “Coin of the Month Club.” You will never have to worry about having a garage full of unwanted products (in this case have a garage full of Silver and Gold assets is a good thing).
  4. Numis Network also has a “Refer Three Get Yours Free” Program where you will receive your Silver coin through the “Coin of the Month Club” when you refer three customers that purchase their Silver coins through the “Coin of the Month Club”

Between qualifying for the “Dreams of Cancun” contest and qualifying for the additional Numis Network Cancun Contest Bonuses you have the possibility of going on a dream “All Expense Paid” vacation, winning spending money for your trip, and having an income producing business all at the expense of someone else.

What are you waiting for? Click on join Numis Network to get started today on qualifying for the All Expense Paid vacation and the Numis Network Cancun Contest Bonuses! The contest ends on April 29th!

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