SEO Is So Simple A Fifth Grader Could Do It

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Before we get into the nuts and bolts of “SEO Is So Simple a Fifth Grader Could Do It” let me tell you about the two different types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is “On Page SEO” – the things you do within the content of your website with the text, tags, graphics, and links so that the search engines can find your website and index it, and there is “Off Page SEO” – the things that you do like get backlinks so the search engines rank your page high in the search results (we will be discussing On Page SEO).

If you don’t know what SEO is or you don’t think it’s important to your survival and your ability to make money on the internet, you should visit Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to find out what they feel every webmaster should be doing to help increase their presence on the internet. It’s not merely enough to just put up a website and think that you’re going to be found by the search engines. It is a very competitive world and if you’re not doing the things that your competitors are doing to increase their search engine rankings, you’re going to be left behind.

SEO starts with your keyword research and the best place to start is with Google Keyword Tool. There are other keyword search tools, but if you’re trying to rank for one of the top ten (hopefully the number one organic search spot) spots on the first page of Google, you should know what Google says about the keyword you’re trying to rank for. You should have a main keyword or keyword phrase and at least two or three sub keywords or keyword phrases related to your main keyword or keyword phrase.

Once you have your main keyword you need to “Create a Unique Title” by using your main keyword in your page title by using a title tag. If you’re using WordPress your title tag will be created for you. Your title tag will look like the following:

<_title_> SEO Is So Simple A Fifth Grader Could Do It<_/_title> *

To ensure that your website or blog gets indexed by Google you need to include a “meta description tag.” Your description should tell searchers exactly what your website or blog is about and include your main keyword in the description so that search engine users can see that the keyword they just searched for is included in your page title as well as your description of your website or blog. The following is an example of what your meta description tag should look like:

<META NAME= “_description_” CONTENT = “_SEO Is So Simple A Fifth Grader Can Do It”>*

When trying to rank on the first page of Google for a specific keyword it best to use your main keyword in the URL or better yet as your domain name. When you’re using WordPress your title is automatically included in the URL. A WordPress URL with your main keyword would look like the following:

http_:_//_stevendobson_._com/seo-is-so-simple-a-fifth-grader-could-do-it *

The use of header tags that contain your main keyword or keyword phrase along with header tags for your sub keywords or keyword phrases is another thing that Google looks for when ranking you website or blog. A header tag defines your HTML headings and lets the search engines know which is your most important heading to your least important heading. Your main keyword or keyword phrase should be enclosed in your “<_h1_>keyword number 1<_/h1 >” tag, and your second most important keyword or keyword phrase should be in your “<_h2_>keyword number 2<_/h2>” tag.

If you are using any images on your website or blog you should use your keyword or keyword phrase in your “image alt tag.” You will use your main keyword or keyword phrase used in your first image alt tag, and your sub keyword or keyword phrases used in the order of importance in your other images. An example of an image alt tag would be as follows:

<img src=”SEO.gif” alt=”_SEO is So Simple”_ /> *

By following the information above along with the SEO Strategies to Dominate Your Competition you will know more than 95 to 97 percent of Network Marketers, and you will understand why SEO Is So Simple A Fifth Grader Could Do It!

* Remove the dashes (_) from all tags

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