SEO Strategies to Dominate Your Competition!

by Steven Dobson · 3 comments

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a traffic strategy that you can use to get higher search engine rankings. Lots of network marketers know about the importance of SEO, but 95 percent of them are not using it to drive organic traffic to their websites. Use the SEO Strategies to Dominate Your Competition outlined below and you will find your website or blog on the first page of Google.

Market Research – All your marketing efforts should be based upon your market research, and SEO is no difference. If you don’t know your target market and the problems they are trying to solve and questions that they need answering, you can’t possibly tell them how your product or service is the answer to their questions or solves their problem. Look at your competitors and see what they are doing by doing a search for the keyword or keyword phrase you want to get ranked for. See what they are doing and determine what’s missing. Provide the missing information and you’re on your way to dominating the competition.

Keyword Research – Most marketers try to rank for many keywords and miss out on getting to the top of the search engine. Whether you’re doing a PPC Campaign or writing an article, focus on one keyword, your “money keyword” to rank for on the search engine. If people are paying money (Ads on the right side of the page), you have a good keyword or keyword phrase. That also means there is also a lot of competition for that keyword or keyword phrase, so you’re going to have to do a great job with your SEO Strategy to dominate that keyword.

Domain Name – Choosing the correct domain name plays an important part in your SEO Strategy. Hopefully your domain is the keyword that you’re trying to rank for on the search engines. If you sell “Red Shoes” you want to have “Red Shoes” as part of your domain name. It shows the search engine the topic of your website is going to be about “Red Shoes” and the search engines want to display the most relevant content to their customers. If you can’t get the domain name that pertains to your keyword, get an alternate domain name that contains your keyword such as

WordPress Blog – The search engines like blogs because they are constantly updated with new content. WordPress happens to be the first choice of most bloggers, and offers a plug-in for many of the features that network marketers need to dominate the competition when it comes to displaying great content.

Keyword Placement – Your domain name is the first place you should have the keyword you’re trying to rank for. The page title should also contain your keyword along with placement in the paragraphs you write. Those are locations for your “money keyword.” You sub headings should contain your other keywords.

Write Great Content – Writing great content to display on your blog or to post in article directories is what’s going to help you get the search engine ranking that you’re looking for to dominate your competition. If you have done your market research, your keyword research, and chosen a domain name that is relevant to your keyword, you have the makings of a great blog post or an article to post to the article directories.

Following these simple SEO Strategies will greatly assist you in dominating your competition and the 95 percent of marketers that are not using any type of SEO Strategy in their marketing. For additional marketing strategies to dominate your competition you should use the same simple marketing system used by some of the Network Marketing Industry’s Top Earners and learn additional SEO Strategies to Dominate Your Competition!

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Steven DobsonNo Gravatar November 9, 2010 at 11:37 PM

Thank you!

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