Start 2012 off By Changing Your Financial BluePrint

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Start 2012 off by changing your financial blueprint by attending one of the many Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) Seminars that are designed to addressed the financial challenges of today.

Most of us have the wrong blueprint for understanding wealth creation, and it’s not our fault because we learned what we know about finances for our parents and grandparents.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive will help you determine if your current financial blueprint is the right financial blueprint for you.

Do you hear yourself saying to your children, your significant other, or yourself things like “We can not afford it!” even though you have the money in the bank? Or do you put money aside for a “rainy day” but never spend the money when that rainy day comes. Chances are; you’re operating under your parents or grandparents financial blueprint.

Once you’re operating under your own financial blueprint, you will never look at life through the same eyes. Your thoughts about finances and wealth creation will be yours and not the outdated financial blueprint that you learned from your parents and grand parents.

If you seriously want to change your financial situation in 2012 you owe it to your family and yourself to attend one of the MMI Seminars that begin January 20-22 in Atlanta, Georgia, or any of the other locations with the final Seminar for the first half of 2012 being in San Jose, California, June 8 – 10, 2012.

If you are married or have a significant other, I highly recommend you get two tickets and the both of you attend. Don’t worry about the cost because if you schedule to attend one of the Seminars before January 2, 2012, you can attend for free. Click here >> Millionaire Mind Intensive <<

The bonuses you receive and the value you will take home with you is worth the price of the VIP Tickets, but it matters that you are in the room for this life changing event. To have a Millionaire Mind means that all areas of your life will be affected and that’s exactly what this Seminar will do for anyone that attends and applies what they learn.

So, start 2012 off by changing your financial blueprint and start having the type of financial success that you and your family deserve. The Millionaire Mind Intensive has helped people from all over the world change their financial blueprint, and in these tough economic times that we are living in, we need to be operating under a financial blueprint that is going to allow us to realize the financial success that we desire.

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