The Problem with Network Marketing!

by Steven Dobson · 1 comment

Network Marketing is a great business model for those that understand Network Marketing; however, most entrepreneurs never really get the understanding of this industry that they need to become successful, and this is one of the biggest problems facing the Network Marketing Industry.

The biggest problem with Network Marketing is the high failure rate. With 95 to 97 percent of the people coming into this industry failing, it leaves a lot of people thinking that this industry is not a viable opportunity for gaining financial freedom. There are many reasons people fail, but the two biggest are not enough leads flowing into their sales funnel, and not earning an income to at least provide for their business expenses.

One of the reasons there may not be enough leads flowing into their sales funnel is because they have been lead to believe that they don’t have to do anything and they will make money in the Network Marketing Industry. When you see advertisements from other network marketers that say:




That type of business attitude is part of the recipe for failure. The Network Marketing Industry is about two things; connecting and building a relationship with people (Networking) and the sale of products and services to your customers (done through your Marketing).  If you’re not comfortable with selling, you’re in the wrong business; if you’re not comfortable with marketing to grow your business, you’re in the wrong business; if you’re not comfortable picking up the phone and connecting with the people that come through your sales funnel; you’re in the wrong business.

All of the skills above can be learned over time, but you have to put forth the effort to gain the knowledge and mindset necessary to operate a successful network marketing business. This is where your personal growth comes into play. You must learn the necessary knowledge to build a grow a successful network marketing business. You must take courses, attend live seminars, read books, and attend any type of training geared toward learning everything there is to know about the network marketing industry.

Earning an income to cover your business expenses is a big reason most give up and join the 95 to 97 percent that have failed. It is very important for the success of every network marketer regardless of what opportunity you’re in to be able to generate an income to cover at least your marketing cost for you to be able to stay in business longer. Don’t worry, “it’s not your fault,” and the problem can be corrected.

Most network marketer’s lead with their primary business opportunity and when they don’t have anyone joining them in their primary business opportunity, they don’t generate any income. The successful network marketer’s lead with a low cost product or service related to the industry in the form of an e-book, an Affiliate product, a downloadable digital product, or anything of value that is going to generate a sale. The problem with network marketing is that there are not enough marketers learning how to generate leads and making enough money to survive their first year in business.

If you’re not using a system that answers both of these problems associated with the Network Marketing Industry, then you’re on the path to becoming a member of the 95 to 97 percent that fail. All is not lost because there is such a system that has been helping network marketers from across the industry build successful businesses for over two years. To get access to the same system that has been used by industry leaders to grow their business and sponsor more people into their primary business opportunity, just click the “Work with Me Directly” link above and follow the directions!

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Apryl MoshaNo Gravatar December 13, 2010 at 10:31 AM

I’d have to make a deal with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!


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