The Wrong Blueprint For Understanding Wealth Creation

by Steven Dobson · 1 comment

There Are No “Secrets” When It Comes To Wealth Creation; Just Information You Have Not Been Exposed To!

My People Are Destroyed For a Lack of Knowledge – Hosea 4:6

No matter how it’s spun as a secret, there is no such thing as secret when it comes to wealth creation. As a child we are taught our first lessons by our parents, grandparents and those placed in authority over us at an early age. Those lessons are forged into our memory and become a part of our genetic makeup because we believe in them and pass them on as law when we have children of our own.

When it comes to finances we have been programmed with information that was available to our parents and grandparents, and as Jeffrey Combs would say, “we spent 20,000 meals with the wrong set of financial planners.”

By age 18 we have an identity and a belief system that is based on that of our parents and our grandparents and I’m not questioning anyone’s belief system, just the lessons we learned from a set of parents and grandparents that based the information they passed on to us on “Depression Era Thinking!”

The financial Blueprint that helped our grandparents survive the “Great Depression” is not the same Blueprint that you need to survive in the financial world today. Technology has forever changed the way we will do business and earn money, and if you have not upgraded your way of thinking in this “Information Age” you will get left behind.

To become a millionaire you have to think and do what a millionaire does long before your bank account reaches 7-digits. T. Harv Eker in his book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” (again, there are no secrets when it comes to creating wealth, just information that you have not been exposed to) provides you with a Blueprint for creating wealth, as well as the tools and the means to change the Depression Era Blueprint passed on to us by our parents and grandparents.

Our ideas for creating wealth are based on a belief that we need to go to school so we can get a good education so that we can get a good job. This was not always the way of life because in 1940 less than 25 percent of adults in the United States had a high school education compared to 85 percent today, and they were able to survive.

For a limited time you can attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive and change your financial blueprint and start thinking like and doing what a millionaire does long before your bank account reaches 7-digits. Click on any of the “Millionaire Mind Intensive” links so you can learn from the experts and change the wrong blueprint for understanding wealth creation, and start thinking, living, and doing what a millionaire does!

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