What Does Skyrim Have To Do With Network Marketing?

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Skyrim is a new game released in November by Bethesda Games that is based in the Ancient Empire of Tamriel where The High King of Skyrim has been murdered. So, what does Skyrim have to do with Network Marketing? Nothing, but there are more similarities than most would think.

In Skyrim the player is on a quest to discover why Dragons have reappeared in Skyrim after being dead for so many years. As he interacts with the people of Skyrim he can chose to take up their cause and offer them help as an additional quest to the main storyline or he can continue and complete the main storyline. He’s rewarded for these side quests, but it takes time away from the main quest, but it helps him advance his skills in the use of his weapons, armor, magic (if he chooses to use it), blacksmithing, and discovery of more powerful weapons and armor.

In Network Marketing you as an entrepreneur is on a quest to build and run a successful Network Marketing business by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and marketing strategies that all successful Network Marketers possess. The side quests or distractions in Network Marketing are the constant product launches that take away your focus from building your business when you jump from one program to the next trying to find the one that is going to make you rich.

There are no “Get Rich Quick” schemes in legitimate Network Marketing businesses. There are no shortcuts to success that will take you from making no money to making six or seven figures overnight. There is a process that you have to go through to become a successful Network Marketer, and until you focus on what’s important to building a successful Network Marketing business, you will never have a successful Network Marketing Business.

Unlike the hero in Skyrim who’s getting paid, increasing his skills with his weapons and armor, increasing his ability to use magic and advancing his knowledge of the landscape in Skyrim; you as a new business owner in the Network Marketing Industry are actually decreasing your chances of becoming successful every time you lose focus and join another program that promises Internet or Network Marketing riches.

In Skyrim the hero is getting “On the Job Training when he’s completing the quests that he goes on and is getting better and stronger with each quest. In the Network Marketing Industry each company has its own company focused training that is not enough if you truly want to succeed in this industry.

The internet has drastically changed the way Network Marketers have to conduct business and if you are not aware of the proper way to conduct business online, you’re missing out on the greatest way to make money in the world.

On the internet you are not limited to chasing your family and friends trying to get them to join your business or buy the products or services that you’re selling. Social Network websites like Facebook and Youtube are like goldmines when it comes to advertising your Network Marketing business, but if you do it the wrong way, you can have your account terminated and possible be banned from using those Social Networking websites, but with the proper training you can build your business the right way the first time.

Skyrim offers the player many quests along the way of fulfilling the main quest which helps advance the hero’s strength and abilities; Network Marketing requires the new business owner to focus on acquiring the knowledge, skills, and marketing strategies to build a successful business. What does Skyrim have to do with Network Marketing? They both require the participant to FOCUS!

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