What is The Best Network Marketing Opportunity?

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The best Network Marketing Opportunity does not matter if you do not know what you’re doing in this industry. People don’t join Network Marketing Opportunities, they join people they respect, trust, and have established a relationship with because it’s not about the company, product, or service that you represent, it’s about the relationship you build with your prospects, customers, and potential business partners.

It doesn’t matter how good the leadership of the company is if you have not built a relationship with your prospects, developed trust, and you’re seen as someone they would like to do business with.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world that will sell itself as some in this industry would say; if you can’t get anyone to buy it from you because your prospects don’t know anything about you and respect your opinion enough to give you the sale. If that were the case for this industry, those that resort to sending SPAM would be some of the richest people in this industry.

When you have established yourself as a leader and someone that is known and respected in this industry is when you will have people purchase your product or service, and join you in business. Once you have positioned yourself as a leader and people respect you and your recommendations is when the company, product or service that you provide matters.

Prospecting and lead generation becomes easier when you are positioned as a leader, and so does generating a monthly income in this industry. Lead generation and generating a monthly residual income are  the two things that most people struggle to do in the network marketing industry. Generating prospects is the life blood of your network marketing business and if you’re not generating enough prospects, you will never earn the type of income that you desire. So, if you’re not generating enough prospects in your Network Marketing Business, it’s probably because you’re not providing enough value for your prospects to exchange their contact information for the value that you’re providing.

Chose wisely the opportunity, product or service that you recommend to those that you have established a relationship with once you are positioned as a leader, because as a respected leader in this industry, it doesn’t matter what company, product, or service that you’re selling because YOU are the Best Network Marketing Opportunity in this industry.

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