What is Your Biggest Problem?

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For most Network Marketers two of their biggest problems are generating enough leads to their website or blog and turning those visitors into customers.

Generating Quality and Laser Focused Leads – If you have read any of my previous  post discussing this topic, you know that generating quality leads to your website or blog is the “Life Blood” of you business. There are several ways to generate quality leads, but the highest quality leads are the ones that you generate through paid traffic sources like Pay-Per-Click (PPC). PPC leads are laser focused because they are looking for what have to offer. There are other paid and free sources that you can also use to generate quality or laser focused leads, so choose one and master it and incorporate another sources and master it.

Converting Leads into Customers – You can generate 1000s of leads but if no one is buying what you’re offering, you’re not going to make any money. If you’re selling Affiliate Products and there are 1000s of other Affiliates selling the same product you have to give your visitor a reason to buy from you. Offer them something of value other than the product or service that you’re selling through your Affiliate Link. Write a product review or a “How to use XYZ Product,” and offer it to your lead as an incentive to become a customer. Be creative in what it is that you’re offering.

If you’re serious and you want to know how you can generate quality and laser focused leads to your website or blog and how to convert those leads into paying customers, then you want to join me and other industry leaders that have solved the two biggest problems that affect all Network Marketers, lead generation and converting leads into customer.

We provide free training and have weekly webinars where we bring in industry leaders to teach you how they do things in their business and what you need to do to get the type of success that you deserve. Click here for more information.

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