What Your Sponsor Will Not Tell You About Attraction Marketing

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Attraction Marketing has drastically changed the way Network Marketing is being conducted and there are a few things that your sponsor will not tell you about Attraction Marketing. Don’t worry it’s not your sponsors fault, he or she can only tell you what they know, and if they were taught to make a list of at least 100 names of family, friends, co-workers or anyone that you have a relationship with, that’s what you’re going to be taught. This is called building you business using traditional network marketing techniques. The problem with this is that you’re chasing people that have not expressed an interest in your business, and it has its limitations.

When you chase people on your list you are the “hunter” in this situation. You are hunting people down to tell them all about your new business opportunity and how they can make so much money if they just join you in business. Problem number one is no one on your list has asked you about your business opportunity. You have not qualified them as a lead and wonder why you’re told that you’re going to get a lot of “NOs” before you get a “YES!” It is the same result that you get when you use “Cold Calling” to build your business, because the people on the other end of the phone have no idea who you are and will probably never do business with you or buy a product from you when you conduct business this way. Problem number two and this applies to both your list of family, friends, co-workers or anyone that you have a relationship with as well as those that you chose to “Cold Call” (hopefully you won’t use these techniques after reading this post), and that is people don’t care about your product or service, they don’t care about your business opportunity until they understand how it’s going to answer a question that they have or solve a problem that they want solved. Problem number three is that your list has limitations in that most people at most has a list of about 300 people that they know and only about 100 that they may keep in contact with on a semi-regular basis. When you run out of names and you have not built your business, what do you do next?

That’s where Attraction Marketing and technology can help you bridge the gap. Attraction Marketing builds your brand as a leader in your industry instead of the company, product or service that you are marketing, and in any industry, people follow leaders or buy from leaders. Why do you think that there are so many commercials on television? The companies are vying for your attention and your money, and only the industry leader’s stand a chance of getting both because they are easily recognized because of their superior product or service, and you know what you’re getting when you buy from them. The same can be said for the Network Marketing or MLM Industry, people follow leaders not a company or product or service, so the best way to build your business is to brand yourself as a leader and provide value and build your brand and not the brand of a company, product or service.

Technology in the form of the internet has DRASTICALLY changed the Network Marketing and MLM Industry in that you can reach much, much, much more potential prospects online than you can ever reach by making a list of family, friends, co-workers or anyone that you have a relationship with. Attraction Marketing and the Internet are the most powerful duo that you can use to build your Network Marketing business. What your sponsor will not tell your about Attraction Marketing is that it’s actually easier to build your Network Marketing business with Attraction Marketing than it is using traditional Network Marketing techniques. To find out how you can use Attraction Marketing to generate 50 – 100 leads a week in your network marketing business click here!

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