Why Using Attraction Marketing to Build Your Business Is Better

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Here is why using attraction marketing to build your business is better than building your business using traditional network marketing, but before we get started let’s take a look at some the components of both:

Attraction Marketing

  • Brand yourself as a leader!
  • Build a list of qualified leads!
  • Call qualified leads!
  • Leads hunt you down!

Traditional Network Marketing

  • Brand your company, product or service!
  • Make a list of family and friends!
  • Conduct “Cold Calls”!
  • You hunt down your family and friends!

You only have to look at the components above to see that Attraction Marketing is the more attractive of the two choices. Don’t get me wrong, traditional network marketing works for those that have perfected the skills necessary to build a down-line using the principles and components of traditional network marketing, but it’s not for everyone. You want duplication by those you bring on as business partners and some of the principles of traditional network marketing are just not duplicatable for someone just starting out in this industry.

If you have been around network marketing long enough to understand the principles of attraction marketing and the principle of traditional network marketing then you understand why I say using attraction marketing to build your business is better. You only have to look at your email box and all the SPAM that you get from marketers that are using traditional Network Marketing to build their business. When you buy leads and email people that you have no relationship with, your emails are not going to be opened and you may lose your internet access because of SPAM complaints. If using Bulk Unsolicited Email (SPAM) to build your business worked, there would be more successful people in the network marketing industry. Believe me, I have purchased leads, guaranteed sign ups, and emailed HUGE lists put together by someone else and had very little to no success. Please stop spending your hard earned money buying leads that will never respond to your emails or cold calls. I have heard so many leaders and top people in this industry say that’s how they got their start and all of them to a person said they were following the lead of their up-line and it did not work for them. Do yourself and your business a HUGE favor and listen to words of wisdom.

Attraction Marketing teaches you to position yourself as a leader by providing value and when you do provide value; prospects will join your email list or Newsletter willingly thereby giving you permission to contact them via email. When you provide value you build a list of qualified leads instead of chasing family and friends that are not looking for what you are selling. If you are tired of struggling to build your network marketing business and want to use a system based on the principles of Attraction Marketing you need MLM Lead System Pro!

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