Would You Like to Share In The Profits Generated By A Search Engine?

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Imagine if you were a founding member of Google or Yahoo when they first launched or if you purchased their stock when they went public, where would you be financially today? As a Founding Distributor I would like to introduce you to a new search engine called My Zib Zoom and it’s in the initial rollout stage and we are only accepting Founding Distributors in this stage.

Why Would You Want to Be A Founding Distributor?

As a Founding Distributor you get to share in the income generated by My Zib Zoom. Can you imagine having that opportunity with any of the major search engines and how much income you would receive on a monthly basis? As a Founding Distributor you can refer new distributors and increase your Team and increase your income. You will also have first access to My Zib Zoom keyword auction where you can bid on keywords and earn a monthly income that will be generated by those keywords and keyword phrases that you own.

Rollout Stage Number Two:

This is where the Founding Distributors will be able to lock in the level of compensation that they want to participate at. There are two positions to chose from which are Prime Distributor and Pace Setter Distributor. As a Prime Distributor you can participate in five of the six income streams available through My Zib Zoom except the Infinity Bonus which is only available to Pace Setter Distributors and can be pretty substantial as your business grows. You will be allowed to upgrade from a Prime Distributor to a Pace Setter Distributor by paying the difference in the two levels outright or use your commission to upgrade. Stage Two is scheduled to rollout sometime during the first or second week of October 2010.

Rollout Stage Number Three:

This is where Zib Zoom gets exciting because this is the stage where you will be able to bid on keywords. Bidding on keywords and keyword phrases will start at $1.00 and will be open for 72 hours unless someone else bids on the same keyword or keyword phrase and then the clock starts to count down and bidding will be closed in 24 hours. Can you imagine owning keywords or keyword phrases that are searched on a daily basis and the amount of money that can be generated? Stage Three is scheduled to rollout approximately one week after Stage Two.

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along and there are three types of people surrounding those opportunities, those that take advantage and get in from the start, those that wait to see what happens and join after the movers and shakers, and those that ask “what opportunity?” Which on are you? Zib Zoom is a functional search engine that is offering you the opportunity to share in the profits that will be generated over the years to come. Will you take advantage of that opportunity?

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