You Will Never Make A Dime In Network Marketing Until …

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You will never make a dime in network marketing until you stop promoting your opportunity and start promoting yourself. You see everyone in the network marketing industry has an opportunity and those that are looking to get into network marketing industry are looking for a leader. Most people forget that the Network Marketing Industry is a relationship industry and we forget to build a relationship with our prospects that we want to eventually become our customers or our business associates.  People buy from people they can identify with, they know, and they trust. When you lead with your opportunity first, you become that “Used Car Salesman” everybody wants to avoid. There is no value in it for your prospects when you lead with your opportunity first because they are looking for a solution to a problem or an answer to a question and you have not told them how your opportunity will answer their question or solve their problem. Even if you are able to show them how it will answer their question or solve their problem, they probably will still not buy from you or join you in business because they don’t know and trust you.

Why do you think people buy from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s? It because they have built a reputation and brand name that people know and trust and they did it without sending out one unsolicited email to a list they purchased from anyone, without trying to Search Engine Optimize a web page so they could rank in the top 10 on Google, or making an outrageous statement to get you to come in and eat their burgers and fries.

The network marketing industry has many Network Marketing Companies and many more network marketers, but only one you, and the sooner you determine that you bring your own unique set of skills to this industry, and the moment that you decide that you are a leader and start doing the things that leaders do, the sooner you will start to attract the type of targeted leads and prospects to you that will allow you to build the type of long term residual income that most come into this industry to earn. You become the type of leader the network marketing industry is looking for by developing your skills and abilities to ensure your personal growth, by providing value in all that you do, and by leading by example. Until you become the type of leader that the network marketing industry is in need of, you will never make a dime in the network marketing industry.

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