Empower Network – Is Empower Network Too Good To Be True or The Real Deal?

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Most people that have taken their first look at Empower Network have passed it by because like most they have become jaded and don’t believe that there could actually be an online business opportunity that will pay them 100% Commissions, so the ask themselves “Is Empower Network too good to be true or the real deal?”

They also don’t believe that they can actually get their commissions paid directly to their bank account, but what they don’t understand is that every Empower Network Affiliate has their own Merchant Account (courtesy of the Empower Network Owners)  or uses a verified PayPal Business account so that when someone purchases from their Affiliate Page, the money is instantly deposited into their bank account if they have set up their merchant account or directly into their PayPal account if they have a verified Business account with PayPal.

When you start to peel back the layers and expose Empower Network you start to see a legitimate business opportunity (not many have you set up a merchant account to get your commissions paid directly to your bank account).

When you look further and realize that you can only earn commissions on products that you actually own, you start to see that Empower Network is different from most Affiliate Programs in that you don’t have to own the product or service that you’re sell. You have to ask yourself, “Would I rather buy a product or service from someone that actually owns the product or service that they are selling, and actually know something about it?” or “Would I rather buy a product or service from someone that doesn’t own the product or service and only knows what he or she read about the product or service?”

Is Empower Network too good to be true or the real deal? You would have to take a look at their income disclosure statement (available to all Affiliates) to see what percentage of their Affiliates are actually making money and how much money they are making to determine this for yourself. As of Monday, November 21, 2011, they had paid out almost $950,000 in 100% Commissions, and were paying out over $500,000 in residual monthly income and they had not been in business for a month.

So, if you have watched their Sales Video and decided that Empower Network wasn’t for you because you did not have enough information to make an informed decision, watch it again by clicking here, and putting your best email address into the form, and watching the Sales Video. If you have never listened to their Sales Video and want to see what Empower Network is all about click on any of the links in this post so you can see for yourself and know that Empower Network is the real deal and is not too good to be true!

It is said that “opportunity” knocks once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Is this it’s first time knocking at your door or the second time? Is Empower Network too good to be true or the real deal? You must make a decision to find out!

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