KBC and KCB Coins

Turn Your Depreciating Currency into Profit!
Exchange Your Paper Currency for GOLD!

This page is designed to help you determine if owning Karatbars International Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies KBC and KCB Coins are for you!

Our KBC is currently being traded on our Karatbit Exchange and at lease 16 other Cryptocurrency Exchanges to include Binance. Click here to see how the KBC is trading on other exchanges!

KCB is still in the Pre-ICO phase and can only be obtained by customers and Affiliates of Karatbars International. Click the banner below to register for your Free Gold Savings account and start exchanging your paper currency for KCB today! We have a Profit Package for whatever your budget may be.

Select the Affiliate option because it provides you with the greatest opportunity to increase and protect your wealth with the products that Karatbars International has to offer.

Once you have successfully registered your Free Gold Savings Account, you will want to watch the short videos for each step and complete all 5 Steps to be able to maximize your Karatbars Affiliate position.

Now that you have your Free Gold Savings Account lets get get you started with exchanging your paper currency for gold backed KCB!

Incentives for KBC holders:

Here is a video of Karatbars International CEO, Harald Seiz guaranteeing 100 KBC will be exchangable for 1 gram on gold on July 4, 2019!


SuperNodes: 320 of 750 Available

To qualify for a Super Node you must deposit 3,000,000 KBC coins in your Karatbit Account. Once you have the coins deposited in your Karatbit account you can register for your Super Node. As long as you have 3,000,000 KBC Coins submitted as a Proof of Stake, you will be eligible for the 20 Percent Annual Incentive paid out weekly by Karatbars.

Example of weekly payout: 3,000,000 times 20 percent equals 600,000 KBC. 600,000 divide by 52 equals 11,538.46 KBC coins paid out weeky. Divide 11538.46 by 100 (the number of coins you can exchange for 1 gram of gold) equals 115.38 grams of gold. 115.38 times 50 (the approximate amount of 1 gram of gold), and your estimated weekly payment would be $5769.23. Super Node holders are scheduled to get an increase in the expected payout on January 1, 2020, when the number of KBC coins you will be able to exchange for 1 gram of gold goes down to 75.

Incentives for KCB:

Master Nodes: 365 out of 1000 Available

Unfortunately all the Master Nodes have been claimed, but if you acquire 1,000,000 KCB Coins, you could contact Karatbars and let them know you would like to be placed on their list for any future openings for a Master Node.

To qualify for a Master Node you have to submit 1,000,000 KCB as a Proof of Stake. This will qualify you to receive, 15 percent annually in KCB which will be paid out weekly: 1,000,000 x .15 = 150000 KCB annually or 2884 KCB weekly. 2884 divided by 100 = 28.84 grams of gold or approximately $1442 in weekly payout.

The quickest and cheapest way to acquire a Master Node is to use the Las Vegas Incentive and purchase as many K1 Impulse Package #4 as needed. See the chart below:

During the Las Vegas Incentive period you receive a 100 percent incentive for each K1 Impulse Package #4 you purchase or if you refer anyone who purchases the K1 Impulse Package #4, you will receive 4000 Euro (28,571) in KCB. Check the Las Vegas Incentive link in your Karatbars International (http://www.karatbars.com) back office for more information about the prizes.

New Impulse K1 Phone

The above is look into the digital side of Karatbars, the physical side has much more to offer.

Karatbars has been vetted by MasterCard, you receive your commissions every Friday on your Karatbars Prepaid MasterCard. We are the worlds leader in the production and distribution of 24 karat gold bars in small increments.

Karatbars has been vetted by FedEx, the products you purchase are delivered by FedEx.

The Vatican, approved and purchased 300,000 Classic 1 Gram Karatbars with the Pope’s image as part of the background.

1 Gram Classic Karatbar

2,5 Grams Classic Karatbars

5 Grams Classic Karatbars

Click the banner below and join over 600,000 Karatbars customers and Affiliates who have decided to join the 1 Percent who own physical gold and now gold backed cryptocurrency!

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