How To Earn A Passive Income In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

Such a thing as earning a passive income in less than 10 minutes a day in the business world was not heard of until Internet Marketing.

The internet allows you to have access to ideas and opportunities that were not heard of in traditional business.

Buyer Beware!

All things that glitter is not gold, especially on the internet!

So, before you invest your hard earned money into any business venture, do your own due diligence to make sure that what you’re getting yourself into is actually going to do what it says it will. With that said!

Are You Ready To Earn A Passive Income In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day?

A few weeks ago I decide to join an opportunity to make money online that I had been seeing advertised around the internet.

I had seen several ads for similar opportunities, but there was something different about My Pay Ads.

First, the owner Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana, PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Singapore.

Doing Business As (DBA): Uday Nara

Company Name: Uday Advertising Services

Owner of: My Paying Ads (MPA)

PayPal Account: Verified

Minimum Amount Needed to Get Started: $5

Second, the owners openness in listing the most recent payments on the website and what he does to ensure the long term survival of My Paying Ads are some of the things that attracted me to MPA.


If you’re looking for bad things about MPA, you will find bad things about MPA.

On the other hand if you take a look at the service (an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing) that MPA says that it’s going to provide and ask yourself, “Is MPA providing that service?” then you should come up with a resounding “YES” for your answer.

You can find out all the details about My Paying Ads by clicking on the banner below:

Why My Paying Ads?

As an online entrepreneur you came online to make money.

Every business needs a steady stream of prospects looking at what that business has to offer.

Without that steady stream of eyeballs on your business opportunity, you’re not going to stay in business long.

Two of the main reasons that there is a 95 to 97 failure rate associated with the Network Marketing industry are:

  1. Lack of Leads

  2. Lack of Money

My Paying Ads solves both by providing you with the fresh eyeballs looking at your business opportunity (leads), and by sharing their revenue (money) with you when you purchase one of their Advertising Packages.

All you have to do is surf 10 ads a day and MPA will share the revenue earned from the purchase of Advertising shares with you every 60 minutes.

AdPack-Plan 1: $1 share maturing at  $1.20 (120% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 2: $3 share maturing at  $3.60 (120% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 3: $5 share maturing at  $6.25 (125% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 4: $7 share maturing at  $8.75 (125% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 5: $10 share maturing at  $13.00 (130% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 6: $15 share maturing at  $19.50 (130% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 7: $20 share maturing at  $27.00 (135% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 8: $30 share maturing at  $40.50 (135% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 9: $40 share maturing at  $56.00 (140% Returns)

AdPack-Plan 10:$50 share maturing at  $75.00 (150% Returns)

No matter what your advertising budget is for your business, MPA has an Advertising Package that fits your budget. The great thing about doing business with MPA is that you can turn your Advertising Budget into a Passive Stream of Income.

In order to purchase from a higher AdPack-Plan, you must have 100 Active Shares in the next lower plan.

Ex: You want to purchase 100 shares from AdPack-Plan 2, you must have 100 Active Shares in AdPack-Plan 1 before you’re allowed to purchase shares in AdPack-Plan 2. The same goes for each of the higher AdPack-Plans.

Make Even More Money with My Paying Ads

Although its not required to make money with MPA, you can drastically increase your earning potential by referring other members to MPA.

My Paying Ads will pay you a 10 Percent Commission on the purchase of every Advertising Share by your personal referrals.

Since every business needs new prospects looking at their business opportunity, you will have repeat customers if the members that you refer to MPA are other Internet Marketing professionals.

With every Advertising Share that you purchase, MPA will give you advertising credits. You can use those advertising credits to promote your Primary Business, an Affiliate Offer, or any opportunity that chose and possibly make even more money.

You can also earn money through MPA’s Paid to Click Program by viewing ads submitted by other members.

My History with My Paying Ads

As stated above and as you can see on the screen shot below, I joined My Paying Ads on October 25, 2015.

I started out by adding $100 to my account, and at first I only purchased 50 shares from AdPack-Plan 1.

Overnight I thought about things and decided that I was either going to be “All In” or “All Out”

I went with the “Al In” strategy and purchased an additional 50 Shares from AdPack-Plan1 the next day and have been using my earnings to purchase additional shares.


For security purposes I have blacked out things like sponsor’s email address, user name, and ip address.

I was the 58005th member to join, and today there are over 78010 members (when Is started writing this article the member count was under 78000) and growing by the minute.


The Cash Balance is money that you have earned and can withdraw at anytime or you can use if to purchase additional shares. My strategy is to use everything I earn to purchase new shares until I can purchase at least 5 new shares a day and still withdraw at least $25 a day.

The Re-purchase Balance is money that you can only use to re-purchase shares. It helps ensure the long term sustainability of My Paying Ads.

By using my cash balance and re-purchase balance to purchase new shares, I have been able to purchase 315 in less than 30 days. I haven’t earned a lot of money, but compared to most other business models that require you to put out money to become an Affiliate, Independent Business Owner (IBO), or Independent Representative (IR), and purchase a monthly product, I have made a lot.

That’s because most people that join this industry do so as An Affiliate, an IBO or an IR and don’t make anything or very little in their first three months. Eventually they quit because they can’t afford the auto-ship and aren’t making the money that they thought they would.

With My Paying Ads, you don’t have a monthly auto-ship and you start making money an hour after you purchase your first Advertising Share.

How to Get Started

You can join My Paying Ads as a free member and make money, but if you want to earn a passive income in less than 10 minutes a day, you should join as a Paid Member.

It only cost $5 to get started and with that $5 you get 5 $1 Advertising Shares that will mature to $6.

As you accumulate enough funds in your Cash Balance and your Re-purchase Balance, you can use that money to buy additional shares. Over time this can grow as big as you want it to grow because you can have up to a maximum of 200 shares in AdPack-Plans 1 – 9, and up to 2000 shares in AdPack-Plan 10.

You can withdraw as little as $5 a day and a maximum of $500 a day.

My Paying Ads uses the following Payment Processors: PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, and Solid Trust Pay.

Hopefully I have provided you with enough information about how to earn a passive income in less than 10 minutes a day using My Paying Ads. Click on any of the My Paying Ads banners in this article to join my Team as a My Paying Ad Member and I will do everything possible to help you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or leave a message below.

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