So Many Gurus and So Many Marketing Experts … How Do You Chose?

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I know that I can’t be the only one that’s not a Guru or a Marketing Expert or making multiple six figure incomes online. With all the free content being given away by all the Gurus and Marketing Experts it makes it difficult to choose a Guru or Marketing Expert to follow. According to Jimmy Davis and many of the other Industry Leaders speaking at the NO EXCUSES SUMMIT in Las Vegas that to become a leader in this industry you have to do what all good leaders do and that’s chose a mentor. Choosing a mentor will give you access to someone that’s been where you’re trying to get to because they know the road that they traveled and are in a good position to help you avoid some of the pitfalls they experienced.  With all the areas of your business that you have to master, you need to concentrate on building your business and block out everything else. You can’t be tempted by all the opportunities that you will be bombarded with on a daily basis. If what’s being presented to you does not assist you in building your business then you need to ignore it and continue doing the things that are necessary for building a successful Network Marketing business.

To help block out the things that are not conducive to building your business you need to focus on one marketing strategy until you master it. If you choose Pay -Per Click (PPC), do PPC until you are bringing in 10 – 20 new leads a day before you move on to another marketing strategy. Once you have three or four marketing strategies mastered your business should be bringing in a steady income. If you don’t have a mentor and need some help getting started pick up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your advertising, pick up a copy of Building on A Budget. Your long term success will come from continuously educating yourself and taking action on the new information that you learn. It is steady and consistent actions that will help you build the type of business that you desire.

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