Your voice calls, text messages, and data shared over your mobile device should not only be secure!

It should be decentralized to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Nefarious individuals can put the puzzle that is you back together as they obtain more information about you!

It starts with the information you share over your mobile devices starting with you cell phone number.

Unfortunately, we give up our personal information too easily these days!

We do this without thinking about what our information is going to be used for and who it will be shared with.

Do me a favor and go to Netflix and watch the Social Dilemma!

The Power of Clear Phone

Clear Phone protects your voice, text, and data shared over Clear Phone!

Clear Phone does this by preventing Ads, Trackers, and malicious codes from attaching themselves to your mobile device.

The image above is a screen shot taken from Clear Phone!

It shows the number of “Ads and Trackers” the software in the phone is blocking from being uploaded to the Clear Phone!

The number in RED are the number of “Ads and Trackers” the phone has prevented from being uploaded to your phone without your permission.

These “Ads and Trackers” are not being added to your phone by the websites that you visit, but by individuals seeking access to your personal data.

Ads and Trackers are being added with the hope that you click on any of the ads.

This will allow malicious codes and keystroke trackers to be added to your phone for the intent of stealing your personal data!

No one should be able to track you without your permission!

However, we give websites and Apps we download to our phone permission to track us in exchange for using the website or App.

What those websites and Apps do with your information is better explained by watching The Social Dilemma!

Why Clear Phone?

Do you want to protect your personal data from falling into the wrong hands?

Do you want to protect yourself from possibly becoming a victim of Identity Theft?

Then you need Clear Phone!

If your children have cell phones, you want the privacy a Clear Phone will give them!

Plus your ability to control what websites they can visit with the built in Parental Controls.

I you want additional information about Clear Phone, click the link below and watch the videos:

I Want to Take Control of My Privacy and Mobile Device Data!

Your mobile communications should not only be secure!

They should be Decentralized to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands!

Check out Clear Phone where your privacy is our priority!

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