Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are here to stay, and the sooner you start learning about them, the sooner you can begin to profit from them. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain present users with an opportunity to profit from them with something called a NODE! You have missed out on an opportunity to qualify for our FULL and Master Nodes. Our SUPER NODES allow the owner to earn 20 percent annually with crypto currency.

The FULL and MASTER NODES featured our KaratCoin Bank Coin (KCB) which is still in ICO. Our SUPER NODE features our KaratGold Coin (KBC). Both the KCB and KBC are backed by physical gold so unlike most crypto currencies, the value will never go to zero.

When you own 3,000,000 of our KBCs, you can put them up as a Proof of Stake and register for a SUPER NODE. In October 2019 when our MAINNET goes live, you will start receiving a weekly payout.

Here is an example of a possibly payout:

  1. 3,000,000 x .20 equals 600,000 KBC annually
  2. 600,000 divided by 52 equal 11538.46 KBC weekly
  3. 11538.46 divided by 100 (the number of KBC exchangeable for 1 gram of gold) equals 115.38 grams of gold
  4. 115.38 times $50 (the price of 1 gram of gold) equals $5769.23

Here is a video of the CEO guaranteeing an exchange of 100 KBC for 1 gram of gold July 4, 2019

Harald Seiz guaranteeing 100 KBC for 1 Gram of Gold

It gets better:

Starting on January 1, 2020, you get a pay raise when the number of coins it takes to equal 1 gram of gold goes down to 75.

Example of possible payout starting January 1, 2020:

11538.46 divided by 75 equals 153.84 grams of gold

153.84 times 50 equals $7692.30

Here is a video of the Chairman of the Board of Karatbars International explaining why he believes Karatbars will have $200 Billion in Market Cap in the next 5 years!

This opportunity is only available to Affiliates and customers of Karatbars International.

Click the link below to register as a Karatbars Affiliate (both positions are free; however, you can get paid five times a month if you decide to share Karatbars with others as an Affiliate, and only once a month as a customer).

The Affiliate options requires you to purchase one of our qualifying business Packages or one of our Profit Packages to qualify as a Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP Affiliate.

The Profit Packages are digital packages and contain our gold backed KCB cryptocurrency, and Cashgold.

Our Business Packages are physical packages that are delivered to the address you have on file, and where any products you exchange your PAPER CURRENCY for will be delivered.

The above image shows the price of a KBC on Coin Market Cap. At $0.021413, you could get a SUPER NODE for approximately $64,239 or approximately 6 Bitcoins. Your annual payout for 2020 will be approximately $399,999.60.

There were 750 total SUPER NODES!

As of the writing of this article, there are 317 SUPER NODES remaining!

Click the link below to register for your Free Gold Savings Account and start your journey to profiting from gold backed cryptocurrencies today!

I want to Earn 20 Percent Annually with Cryptocurrency!


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