Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Smart Phone and Laptop – Privacy Is the New Order

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CryptoDATA brings us the NEW Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Smart Phone and Laptop! Never at a time in history has personal privacy been so important. Keeping your communications private is what you get with the NEW Impulse K1 Smart Phone and WHIM Laptop, both with Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) security!

Voice Over Blockchain Protocol

CryptoDATA started testing the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol back in 2015 with a simple text message. Once they tackled text messages; they moved on testing voice over blockchain and have spent the last four plus years perfecting the technology.

Blockchain technology is here to stay, and the sooner you accept this reality the sooner you can learn to profit from it. If you want to see the power of blockchain technology, look at JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and how he has embraced Blockchain Technology. He has purchased his very own cryptocurrency exchange which uses Blockchain technology to transfer trillions of dollars overseas for his business customers. He says it is cheaper and faster than what he was previously using. It is only a matter of time before the other big banks create their own cryptocurrency exchanges to prevent their business customers from moving over to JP Morgan Chase.

Impulse K1 Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Smart Phone

Blockchain Technology is changing the world and CryptoDATA is at the forefront of incorporating that technology into our everyday lives. The cell phone and now smart phone has drastically changed how we communicate and do business. There is more computing power in our smart phones today than was in most of the very first computers. Enter the Impulse K1 Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Smart Phone and a revolution in secure communication is born where privacy is the new order.

WHIM Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Laptop

The laptop and tablets have made our business and personal worlds more mobile, and with this increased mobility comes the need for better security. The WHIM Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Laptop provides the security that our mobile world requires. Blockchain has never been hacked! Let that sink in for a minute or two. The open source code has allowed engineers from around the world to fix parts of the source code that increases the security of blockchain. CryptoDATA is constantly testing their blockchain protocol to ensure your data is secure!

The Marriage of Impulse K1 and the WHIM

Karatbars International through Karatgold brings you the WHIM K1 Bundle where you get both the Impluse K1 and the WHIM Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Laptop, a VIP Affiliate position worth 3,000 Euro, and 7,800 Euro worth of our KaratCoin Bank Coin (KCB) cryptocurrency, but only for a limited time.

Your VIP Affiliate position allows you to resell the WHIM K1 Bundle and receive 10 percent of the purchase value, 13,000 Euro in KCB, and 15 percent of the purchase value in our gold backed cryptocurrency the Karatgold Coin (KBC), but only for a limited time.

Click the banner below to register for your Free Gold Savings Account with Karatbars International. Select the Affiliate option because it provides you with an opportunity to get paid five times a month versus only once a month as a customer. Complete the 5 Steps on your dashboard to fully register your account and start sharing your affiliate link with others that you know who would want the added security to protect their data from being stolen and their communications from being intercepted by a third party. Everyone deserves to have the security offered by our Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Smart Phone and Laptop!

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