One Ounce of Gold for $100

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I know you have been taught to think that if something sounds too good to be true, it must be a lie, a scam, or whatever adjective you want to use to deny that you can get one ounce of gold for $100!

Actually, right now it’s a little over an ounce for $100, but that will only last as long as the price stays below $0.03 cents.

Now I guess you’re really confused?

Don’t worry you will understand what I’m talking about, and you can even watch a video with the CEO of the company telling you about his guarantee.

Here is the CEO’s guarantee – 100 KBC for 1 Gram of Gold starting on Gold Independence Day (July 4, 2019).

Don’t know what KBC is?

It’s the KaratGold Coin!


The KaratGold Coin is the first cryptocurrency to be backed by physical gold!

Yes, a gold backed cryptocurrency!

You can exchange your money for the KaratGold coins  at the Karatbit Exchange…

The KaratGold Coin along with the Karatbit Exchange are part of the Gold Global Payment System being created by the CEO of Karatbars International, Mr. Harald Seiz.

How do I get a Karatbit Account?

You can get a Karatbit account by becoming an Affiliate or a Customer with Karatbars International.

Just click the link above or the banner below and register for an account today!

Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything to open a Gold Savings Account, and it won’t cost you anything to become an Affiliate or Customer with Karatbars International.

As a matter of fact, you can even get paid for referring your family and friends.

Yes, you read that right, as an Affiliate or a customer of Karatbars International, you will get paid a monthly commission when anyone you refer exchanges their money for gold or gold backed cryptocurrency!

Oh, back to the one ounce of gold for $100.

At the current price you can get approximately 4,000 KaratGold Coins for $100. As the price goes up, the amount of coins you will get for $100 will go down.

4000 divided by 100 equals 40.

On Gold Independence Day (July 4, 2019), you will be able to exchange your 4000 (hopefully you will have 40,000 or more) KaratGold Coins for 40 Grams of Gold.

If you know what a Troy Ounce, you will know that its 31.21 Grams of Gold.

I don’t know how much longer we are going to be able to exchange our money for KaratGold Coins because there is a limited supply.

There is a second Gold Backed Crypto Currency you can exchange your money for. Right now, the KaratCoin Bank Coin (KCB) is in Pre-ICO, and only available to Affiliates or Customers of Karatbars International. It cost a little more than the KaratGold Coin, but in the long run (get as many as you can an hold on to them for a few years) it will be worth the wait.

The long-term goal of Mr. Harald Seiz is to allow you to exchange 1 KaratCoin Bank Coin (KCB) for 1 Gram of Gold!!!

Click on any link or banner in this article and become an Affiliate or Customer today!

P.S. If you want to get paid 5 times a month instead of once a month, pick the Affiliate option, and purchase one of our optional Business Packages. Upload the requested Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents, and start exchanging your money for gold or Gold Backed Cryptocurrency, and get your one ounce of gold for $100!

There are no monthly fees!

There is no monthly auto-ship, but you can start a monthly gold savings plan!

There are no annual fees!

You can become a Millionaire by choice!

Save a lot of gold and gold backed cryptocurrencies!

Tell a lot of people!

Make a lot of money!

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