Seven Essential Components Of Internet Marketing

by Steven Dobson · 15 comments

There are many components of internet marketing that you will have to master as an Internet Marketer. For your internet marketing campaigns to be successful, they should include at a minimum the following seven essential components.

First you have to determine your target market and the questions that they need answers to or the problems that they need solving. Without knowing your target market, you cannot focus on the solutions for the issues that your potential customers are having problems with.

Second, you need to determine what keywords or keyword phrases your potential customers are searching on to look for answers or solve their problems and create keyword rich content that speaks to the problems that your potential customers need solving and answers the questions that they need answering.

Third, you need to choose a domain name that incorporates your main keyword or keyword phrase into the domain name. Your domain name should be short and easy to remember, and should not contain numbers or hyphens. Make sure that you don’t include copyrighted information in your domain name (ex: if your niche is “Selling on eBay” do not include “eBay” in your domain name).

Fourth, you need to determine your marketing platform by deciding whether you want a website (static information) or a blog (content that is updated on a regular basis). I recommend a blog because search engines will rank blogs higher than websites because blogs are updated with fresh new content on a regular basis and search engines are in the business of providing new and original content to their customers. Your content will also show up in the search engine long before your website.

Fifth, your content should speak to the answers and problems that your potential customers need answering and solving, but you want to capture their contact information so that you can build a relationship with them in exchange for the information that answers their questions or solves their problem.

Sixth, you need to set up an auto responder email campaign so you can communicate with your customers. At a minimum your email campaign should contain no less than seven emails, but should contain more because you want to continue to build upon the relationship that you have established and let your customers get to know and trust you.

Seventh, you want to turn your blog post into an article and post it to Article Directories with a link in your author resource box pointing back to the original blog post. Since you have the ability to have two links in your author resource box, your second link should point to your marketing funnel.

These are just seven essential components of internet marketing that you will have to master to survive past your first year in business. If you’re serious about being an Internet Marketer and you want to learn more about the components I talked about above and many of the other components that all successful Internet Marketers know and use to make six and seven-figure incomes year after year, click here for a simple marketing system that has helped 1000s of Internet Marketers build successful businesses.


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