Vitel Wireless: Get Paid to Use Your Cell Phone

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In the 90’s Excel Communication took a small bite out of the top cell phone providers and made their owner and a lot of Independent Business Owners a lot of money. Today Vitel Wireless is the “New Kid on the Block” and trying to take an even bigger bite out of the $196 Billion dollar a year industry in the United States by offering you an opportunity to “Get Paid to Use Your Cell Phone.”

The cell phone industry has grown every year since 1985 and today there are over 327 million cell phone subscribers in the United States alone and over 5 billion worldwide. This industry is here to stay and now you can share in the business opportunity by becoming an Independent Business Owner for VItel Wireless.

As a Vitel Independent Business Owner Vitel will reward you by paying your cell phone bill when you refer 3 Independent Business Owners and you do not have to change your phone or carrier. Vitel will pay your phone bill (up to $125 a month) as long as you maintain three Independent Business Owners as members of your team.

If your contract with your current cell phone provider has expired and you’re in a month to month status, you can renew through you own website that Vitel provides all business owners, and you will get paid every time you pay your monthly phone bill. Instead of paying your current provider and getting nothing back, you pay your bill through your website and get a portion of your monthly bill refunded to you;  and a portion of every customer’s phone bill that purchases a phone through your website when they pay their phone bill.

As you refer more Business Owners to Vitel Wireless, they will reward you by paying your monthly household bills (cable, internet, and electricity, see website for details).

When you have referred 25 new Business Owners to Vitel Wireless, they will reward you by paying you a Monthly Car Bonus (up to $750 a month) to lease or buy a vehicle of your choice.

The sign of a good business is one that has a product or service that is in high demand. Everyone has a cell phone, and I believe that everyone would want someone else to pay their cell phone bill. Vitel Wireless offers you the opportunity to get your cell phone bill paid by referring new business owners that would want to get their cell phone bill paid and make some extra money.

An opportunity like this comes along once, maybe twice in a lifetime. If you missed your opportunity with Excel Communications, don’t let this one pass you by. Vitel makes it possible for you to “Get Paid to Use Your Cell Phone,” and make some extra money by referring other Business Owners and customers.

Click here for more details and to get started with your own business and start getting your cell phone bill and other household bills paid by Vitel Wireless!

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