Why Numis Network Is The Perfect Network Marketing Opportunity!

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Many opportunity seekers jump from one opportunity to the next trying to find the perfect Network Marketing Opportunity and will continue to do so, but when you are an entrepreneur and you find the perfect opportunity, you stick with it. Numis Network is the perfect network marketing opportunity for me.

Less than two months ago when I talked about the Right Opportunity I talked about Numis Network and gold was trading at $1275.60 an ounce and silver was trading at $20.42 an ounce. Both metals have since set new highs with gold being up approximately 7 percent to $1,365.80 and silver up approximately 28 percent to $26.04 as of November 12, 2010.

What does the price of silver and gold has to do with Numis Network?

Numis Network is the first Network Marketing Company to sell hard assets in the form of gold and silver coins. As the price of gold and silver go up so will the value of your MS 70 Graded Gold and Silver Coins.

Before you join any Network marketing Company you should check out the company leadership, the compensation plan, and the product. The leadership at Numis Network consists of Ian Cordell, Founder and President, Christopher Kent, Founder and Executive Vice President, Jake Kevorkian, Founder and Executive Vice President, and Mike Mezack, Expert Numismatist (a specialist in numismatics or the study or collection of coins, medals, tokens, paper money, etc.).

Numis Network Leadership:

Ian Cordell – Ian brings years of experience as a leading executive in the direct selling industry and as an owner of International Direct Selling Technology Corporation which he and Christ established in 2001. Ian will be responsible for the International Expansion of Numis Network.

Christopher Kent – Chris and Ian have been friends since the third grade and business partners since 1994. In 2001 Ian and Christ started their first business together. Chris brings years of experience as a network marketer, professional trainer, and a seasoned sales executive that will be responsible for sales force expansion and field training.

Jake Kevorkian – Jake brings over 20 years of experience in the industry and will be responsible for working with representatives and helping them build their business.

Mike Mezack – Mike brings a wealth of knowledge about collecting gold and silver coins and is personally responsible for over $1 billion in sales. If you have watched the Coin Collector Show on Home Shopping Network, you have probably heard of and/or seen Mike before?

Most people kind of gloss over the company leadership when they are looking for a Network Marketing Company to join. When it comes to this industry, more important that the compensation plan or the products is the company’s leadership because if they don’t have a vision for the company, a plan for expansion, they may not be around long. The Collectible Coin Industry in the United States is a $10 billion a year industry and Numis leadership already has plans to expand it in to $100 billion Collectible Coin Industry. Talking about potential for growth!

Numis Network Compensation Plan: Click here for a more detailed explanation of the Numis Network Compensation Plan and to find out more information about Numis.

There are several ways to get Pay with the Numis Network Compensation Plan to include Fast Track Collector Bonuses where you get paid $100 every time one of your customers or personally sponsored representatives purchases a Fast Start Collectors Kit.

Retail Commission: You earn when people go to you replicated website and purchase products at retail cost, and Numis pays you the difference in wholesale and retail price as a commission.

Binary Income: Binary simply means two and you have a right side and a left side to your business.  Each representative in your organization represents 60 points in Bonus Volume and you get paid $30 every 300 BV you have in your lesser (the side of your organization with the least amount of representatives).

Here’s an image to help with the understanding of a Binary if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Enroller Matching Bonuses: You can earn matching bonuses on representatives that you personally enrolled called your first generation, those enrolled by your first generation representatives (your second generation), and those enrolled by your second generation (your third generation) depending upon your Star Level in Numis.

Coded Matching Bonuses: Coded Matching Bonuses are tied to the sale of the Fast Start Collectors Kit by representatives in your 1 Star Code (your first three Executive Representatives enrolled by you) and your 2 Star Code (your fourth personally enrolled Executive Representative and higher). When representatives in your 2 Star Code enroll a new Executive Representative they receive a $100 Fast Track Bonus, and as their personal sponsor, you receive a Coded Matching Bonus of $100

Company Wide Leadership Income: When you reach the 5 Star Level, you and other 5 Star Representatives share in the 5 Star Leadership generated when there is a sale of a Fast Track Collector’s Kit.

The Product: Numis Network specializes in MS 70 Graded Gold and Silver Coins which are the highest grade of coins on the Sheldon Scale of grading coins. There is something about collecting tangible assets that sets them apart for any other product being sold via the Network marketing Business Model. Gold and Silver Graded coins are the products that I don’t think anyone would have an issue in having a garage full of, and they are one of the only products that if history repeats itself will go up in value over time.

With a forward looking leadership, an outstanding compensation plan, and a product line with no competition you can see why I think Numis Network is the perfect network marketing opportunity.

Please conduct your own market research about Numis Network or any network marketing company you may consider joining.

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Nick K November 23, 2010 at 1:10 AM

Numis Network is definitely a cool business model. The combination of Network Marketing and the huge industry of coin collecting will surely create a highly profitable business. And Numis’ compensation plan is structured so that everyone can earn an income while collecting gold and silver assets.

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