Are You Waiting For Your Bailout From The Federal Government?

by Steven Dobson · 2 comments

Well, don’t hold your breath because it will be a long time before it happens and will never happen for the American Taxpayer. The Federal Reserve (A Private Bank) is bailing out the Federal Government by buying back government debt to try to spur growth in the economy. So, if you are waiting for your bailout from the Federal Government, get in line with the rest of us or become one of those financial institutions that are “too big to fail.”

The more money our government spends, the weaker the dollar becomes, the less buying power you have with the little money that you do have left over after paying bills and living expenses. In 1971 former President Nixon took the United States off the “Gold Standard.” Meaning our currency was no longer backed by gold. You could actually take the paper money that you had in your pocket into the Federal Reserve and they would exchange it for its equivalence in gold.

Taking this country off the Gold Standard meant that the Federal Government could print or spend as much money as it wanted because there did not have to be an equivalent amount in gold stored in the Federal Reserve. Our only saving grace is that oil is now sold in dollars and those dollars are placed in Western banks making the US dollar the world standard for trading.

Do You Want To Make More Money and Pay Fewer Taxes in 2011?

For the average person in America, the only way to get anything resembling a Bailout from the Federal Government is to find a way to make more money and to pay fewer taxes on the money you do make. The only way to do that is to start your own business and take advantage of the tax benefits associated with owning your own business (see your Accountant or Tax Attorney).

With the high costs associated with starting your own business most people tend to forgo the process and stick with finding a job that pays more money. This is not the answer to your problem because if it were, you would already be independently wealthy. A job is only going to pay you what a job is worth and not what you’re worth. Besides, the income that you will make from a job is not going to keep pace with inflation.

2011 Is Going to Be A Game Changer!

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