Is It Your Time To Succeed In Network Marketing?

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Regardless of when you joined your Network Marketing Company, 2010 was another outstanding year for the network Marketing Industry. Companies like The Trump Network and Numis Network became a little more popular. Robert Kiyosaki’s book “The Business of the 21st Century Marketing Industry” discusses the Network Marketing Industry and the benefits of getting involved. These are a few examples of the success stories associated with this industry. Is it your time to succeed in Network Marketing?

The Network Marketing Industry levels the playing field for entrepreneurs that don’t have the tens or hundreds of thousands needed to start their own business or buy into a franchise. However, there is a high failure rate associated with the Network Marketing Industry. Is the low cost to get started in this industry a contributing factor? Do people look at the few hundred or few thousand dollars they invested to get started in network marketing as something they can afford to lose if it doesn’t work out as a risk worth taking? It is the same mentality that we use when we go to a casino when we think like this. We take a certain amount of money and say that this all I’m going to lose. That type of mentality has no place in the Network Marketing Industry or any industry for that matter.

The energy that you give off about your business will attract people with a similar mindset. If you have read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” you would have read that our minds are both a transmitter and a receiver. People pick up on the positive or the negative ideas that you are transmitting and will react according to how you feel about your business opportunity. If you take excuses from yourself and you don’t believe in your business or your skills as a leader, people are going to pick up on these thoughts and gravitate to you because they feel the same way or away from you because they are looking for a leader.

If you’re getting the objection or excuse from your prospects that “they don’t have the money” it’s probably because you had that same objection or excuse when you joined your business opportunity. The reality is that people have the money and the time to do whatever it is they choose to do, but because you’re sending out those types of negative thoughts and ideas, you’re attracting people with similar thoughts and ideas.

Your success begins with you!

Change your thoughts and ideas and you will change the type of prospects that you will attract. Stop using limiting excuses and ideas in your own life and you will stop accepting limiting excuses and ideas from others. Start doing the things to become the leader that you desire to be and your confidence will grow and you will start attracting the type of prospects that are looking for the type of leader that you are. When you change your mindset and start projecting positive thoughts and ideas, you will succeed in Network Marketing instead of thinking “Is it your time to succeed In Network Marketing?“

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