Hold On To Your Bitcoins

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Hold On To You Bitcoins

Bitcoins were never designed to be an investment. They were designed to get away from Fiat Currencies in the wake of the 2008 U.S. Housing Market Crash. Traditional investors have started investing in Bitcoins because they see Crypto Currencies in general as an easy and fast way to generate huge short term gains. So hold on to your Bitcoins and ride the ups and downs that are becoming part of the normal process for Bitcoin holders.

They dump millions of Fiat Currencies into Crypto Currencies (mainly Bitcoins) to watch the price go up as the demand for Bitcoins goes up. They ride price increase to new highs and then the pull their money out by selling their Bitcoins to watch the price fall only to start the process over again.

Regardless of what price you purchased your Bitcoins at you will only gain if you sell them at a higher price than you paid for them, and you will only lose if you sell them at a lower price than what you paid for them.

The volatility of the price is due to the demand. When people are purchasing Bitcoins, the price goes up; when people are selling Bitcoins, the price goes down.

People who fear Bitcoins and other crypto currencies will do any and everything possible to prevent you from investing in crypto currencies. National currencies suffer when stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other man-made assets backed by them are not being purchased.

Continue to conduct your due diligence before you invest in any Crypto Currency. Read the White Paper about any crypto currency you invest in. The White Paper will tell you what problem the crypto currency you’re thinking about investing in will solve.

We all know the reason behind the creation of Bitcoins if you have read the White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Don’t listen to people who know less than you about crypto currencies. Conduct your own research.

Satoshi Nakamoto is not Chinese!

The Chinese do not control the technology Bitcoin transactions reside on!

No one owns Blockchain!

It is an open source technology which is made more secure by each transaction.

Additionally, anyone can look at the source code for Blockchain and see where they can make changes.

Crypto Currencies are paying far higher return on capital than traditional investments. Never have all of you eggs in one basket. You should have at least five percent in precious metals and with the new crypto currency asset class, another five percent in crypto currencies.

Read an Insurance Policy for Your Investments to find out more about why you should have your hard earned money invested in more than just stocks and bonds.

Crypto Currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the hundreds of other Crypt Currencies are not going anywhere. The sooner you can learn how to profit from them the sooner you can start to change your financial future for the better.

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Knowing when to purchase and when to sell your Bitcoins is a great way to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Your knowledge of crypto currencies will teach you to hold on to your Bitcoins when the price falls and sell when the price rises. For now, hold on to your Bitcoins and start including more crypto currencies in your financial portfolio.







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