Numis Network Has Made Being A Network Marketer A No Brainer!

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Every once or maybe twice in a lifetime an opportunity will come along that will create millionaires and billionaires of those that recognize and take advantage of a opportunity that has that type of potential. In the 80’s it was Microsoft; in the 90’s it was the Dot Coms, and today that opportunity is Numis Network.

Numis pioneered the Graded Collectible Coin Industry when they opened their doors in 2009. This past weekend when they announced their “5 Year Buy Back Guarantee” they took another step in the direction of being such an opportunity.

With this unprecedented and historic announcement Numis Network has made being a network marketer a no brainer! They already had the perfect product with their MS-70 Graded gold and silver coins. There are no MS-71 or higher Graded coins so no one can make a better product. They already have one of the Network Marketing Industries best pay plans, the Binary Pay Plan is responsible for paying Paul Orberson over $1 million dollars a month for 44 consecutive months and allowed him to retire before the age of 40 when he was with Excel Communications, and now they have told the world how much they believe in their product.

All the objections that you could possibly get from a prospect have been answered!

“Why should I buy Gold and Silver Collectible Coins?” With gold and silver collectible coins you are buying an asset, and acquiring assets are how the rich increase their net worth.

“What are they going to be worth in 5 years?” It doesn’t matter because Numis will buy them back at the price that you paid for them with their “5 Year Buy Back Guarantee.”

It’s amazing that we can have this conversation about a Network Marketing company buying back their products five years later for the exact same price that you paid for them.

With Graded Collectible Coins you are purchasing a product that historically has gone up in price over time and now with a “5 Year Buy Back Guarantee,” Numis Network has made being a Network Marketer a No Brainer!

2006 MS70 Silver Eagle $280 at Silver Eagle Co.


2001 MS70 Silver Eagle $670 at Silver Eagle Co.


1992 MS70 Silver Eagle $1945 at Silver Eagle Co.

Would you be willing to sell any of the above coins today for the price you paid for them if you purchased them in the year they were made? I don’t think you would! That’s why Numis Network can afford to make such an outstanding guarantee on their coins purchased through their Coin of the Month Program.

If you are serious about becoming a Numis Representative and want to make 2011 a “Game Changing” year, click the banner below!

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