Numis Network 5 Year Buy Back Guarantee

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In a special streaming broadcast from Las Vegas the site of Numis University IV on February 18, 2011, Numis Network’s Founding Partner Ian Cordell announced to those present and watching the Numis Network Unprecedented Announcement about the “Numis Network 5 Year Buy Back Guarantee” on their MS-70 Grade Coins.

With this announcement Numis has eliminated any reason for future customers or associates to say “NO” to the opportunity that’s available with Numis Network. This announcement will increase retention and allow anyone that is serious about building a business that will give them the walk-away residual income that is talked about in this industry and experience by the top leaders and income earners.

Very few network marketing companies have a product with a five year shelf life let alone a product that they are willing to buy back after five years. Can you imagine how easy this will make it for you as a Numis Network Associate to sign up new customers or business associates? By eliminating many of the reasons prospects object to buying from you or joining you in business, Numis has made being a Numis Network Associate one of the hottest business opportunities available.

This “5 Year Buy Back Guarantee” is only available on coins purchased through Numis Silver Coin of The Month Program. Numis has pioneered the Graded Collectible Coin Industry by being the first company to sell Graded Collectible Coins through the Network Marketing Business Model. Now they have developed an irresistible offer on a product that no one else can make a better one and now has an unbelievable Five Year Buy Back Guarantee.”

How can Numis afford to make such a guarantee? Because they know that collectible coins historically increase in value over time and buying back coins at today’s prices will allow them to resell them for the current market value five years from now.

Click here to listen to the Numis Network Five Year Buy Back Guarantee Unprecedented and Historic Announcement, and if you’re ready to begin your collection of Graded Collectible Coins by joining their Silver Coin of The Month Program click here!

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