Your First Day In Network Marketing!

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I don’t know what circumstances bought you to this business, but let me be the first to tell you, “You have made a wise decision!” You probably were invited to a presentation whether it was online (webinar), or offline (at someone’s house or place of business, a hotel conference room or just about anywhere you can fit enough people in a room to have a private discussion). After the meeting you were probably asked if you had any questions and your sponsor probably told you to go home and make a list of family and friends. Congratulations! That was your first day in Network Marketing!

If you want to survive another day, forget what you were told! I know that your sponsor will hate me for telling you this, but it’s the truth. What he or she told you was what people coming into this industry have been told for years, and for years only about three to five percent of those new to this industry have survived past their first 90 days in business. I want you to be a part of that three to five percent that succeeds in Network Marketing, and not another one of those 95 to 97 percent that have failed.

The reason why your sponsor told you this is because he or she was told by his or her sponsor to do the same thing. Yes, this way of introducing people to your network marketing business works for a few, but for the large majority (the 95 to 97 percent), it doesn’t work. The biggest reason you’re told to do this is because most companies want you to have some sort of success as quickly as possible and they believe that your family and friends may give you the greatest chance of having success in your first 90 days. In the tough economic times of today, it may work a little better than it did in the past because more people are looking for additional ways to earn a little extra income, but this type of sponsoring will only last for so long.

What happens when you run out of family, friends, coworkers, business associates, or any one that you know or have some type of relationship with? You will probably be told something like talk to anyone that’s within a three foot radius of you (it’s called the three-foot-rule) or to put flyers on people’s car. That last one may be illegal in some places, so be careful with that strategy. I know these things because I have been where you’re at now, and let me tell you something; those network marketing strategies did not work for me either.

If you truly want to survive past your first day in network marketing, and definitely longer than 90 days, you’re going to have to learn a different set of skills. Do yourself a favor and go to “Google Keyword Tool” (click the link and it will take you there), and do a search on the following keywords:

  1. Network Marketing
  2. Multi-level Marketing
  3. Internet Marketing
  4. Home based business

Take a look at how many people are searching on those terms on a monthly basis and scroll down the page and take a look at the keywords that are associated with those keywords. Now answer the following question: “Do you know as many people as the amount of people searching on those keywords on a monthly basis?” What about any of the associated keyword phrases? The internet has drastically changed the Network Marketing Industry, and if you’re not trying to build your business on the internet, you’re going to be one of those people that fall into the 95 to 97 percent that has failed.

They did not fail because of a lack of trying, they failed because they were told to do things that were not duplicatable; they failed because they ran out of leads (their family, friend, coworkers, etc, etc, etc), and when they ran out of leads, they ran out of the possibility of selling any of the products or services that they were trying to sell. They failed because none of the people that they introduced to their business was looking for a business, and when you pitch your business idea to people that are not interested, you’re going to be told “NO” in most cases. You see, people don’t join business opportunities, they join leaders. They join someone that is going to be able to teach them something and help them succeed in this industry.

After your first day in network marketing, you don’t know much of anything about this industry to be able to teach someone else what they need to do become successful, because you don’t even know yourself. You have not learned the skills and strategies of a successful network marketer, and if you’re thinking about building your business online, then you have to learn the skills and strategies of a successful Internet Marketer.

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to quit your Network Marketing Business. I’m telling you that you need to learn the skills and strategies that are going to make you a successful Network Marketer, so that you can teach those same skills and strategies to the people that you introduce to this industry. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do the teaching yourself. You just have to point people at the same simple marketing system that you will use and let the system do the training for you. Try the system for 30 Days, and don’t just sign up for it and don’t use it because that would be the biggest mistake you would make in your young Network Marketing career because the archived training available to you is worth about $500,000 if you tried to put all the pieces together individually and have over two years of training material to choose from.

Again, congratulations on making it past your first day in Network Marketing. Let your remaining days in this industry be as prosperous as you dream they would be, but that dream depends on your decision today. Save yourself years of struggling and possibly thousands of dollars in hard earned money by cutting years off your learning curve by giving our simple marketing system a 30 Day Test Drive!

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