The Industrial Revolution, Then Automation, Followed By Outsourcing, And Now Robotics

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At the turn of the 20th century the United States and other countries around the world went through the Industrial Revolution where there were plenty of jobs created. After years of putting Americans to work, some companies saw the need to decrease the amount of workers and increase the amount of machines that could do the same jobs as humans at a savings to the company.

As technology increased and the cost of machinery went down, more people were laid off. With technology, companies needed a smarter work force to operate the machinery, and about that time this country went through what is called a “credentials race” by sociologists. This started shortly after World War II when the average person didn’t even have a high school diploma (only about 25 percent of adults over the age of 25 in the U.S. had a high school diploma in 1940 and only about 5 percent had a college degree).

Today the high school graduation is rate is at about 80 percent, and the number of Americans having at least a Bachelors degree is at about 25 percent. As American’s have gotten smarter, so have the corporations and the jobs that were once held by what is called the “middle class” have been outsourced and sent overseas.

In the first decade of this century American corporations cut approximately 2.9 million jobs in the United States. Of those 2.9 million cut in the United States, 2.4 million jobs were created overseas by those same corporations. During that same period the American government created approximately 2 million jobs with about a net loss of about one million jobs in the United States, we can see why the unemployment rate has risen.

With more and more companies outsourcing or closing their doors, more and more Americans are looking for ways to supplement their income. Now a company based in Barcelona has developed a humanoid robot that could possibly replace human workers. The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center has already placed an order for 20 of these robots and the company has plans on opening up a factory where dozens of the robots can be made a month. This brings I Robot to life in our children or grand children’s lives.

What will the job market look like in 20 years if these robots replace human workers in manual labor and customer service jobs? What you do today can make a difference in your children’s and grandchildren’s live. To take a phrase out of PROPHECY by Robert Kiyosaki, it could mean the difference between life and death. I know that sounds a little harsh, but what’s going to happen when people that work those jobs now can’t find a job, can’t feed, clothe, and shelter their families?

First the industrial revolution where jobs were created, then automation where jobs were lost, followed by outsourcing where more jobs were lost, and now robotics where there is the possibility of even more jobs being lost in the future. Your future depends upon the decisions you make today. If you see the writing on the wall or you’re just sick and tired of being worried about a job or having enough money to survive, you have to make the changes that are going to protect you and your family and start learning the skills that are necessary for you to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur or business owner.

Many people for the first time are turning to the Network Marketing Industry as a way to supplement their income. Some have completely made the transition from employee to home based business owner. This transition was not an easy one because they had to educate themselves before they became successful. There is a learning curve of about three to five years to become proficient at the skills and strategies that you need to become a successful home based business owner. Most that go through this learning process don’t last past their first year in this industry, and many leave the industry after approximately 90 days.

The mentors and leaders that I have aligned myself with have built an education and training company that is helping thousands of people around the world make the transition from employee to business owner, and they can help you establish yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing Industry. If you are serious about making a change in your life and the lives of your loved ones, click on the underlined text to listen to a video about a simple marketing system that will help you make the transition from employee to business owner.


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